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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Freedom - Freedom (1970 uk, fantastic hard psych)

Freedom's album 'Freedom' original released on vinyl in 1970. This is the follow up album to 'At Last' and is the 2nd album from the power trio of Bobby Harrison, Roger Saunders and Walter Monagham and has been a long sought after item by collectors. Roger Saunders struggle with cancer in early 2000 came to a sad end and the British Rock scene lost an excellent and underrated guitarist.

'Freedom' shows a more mature, rehearsed group where a lot of emphasis was put on vocal harmonies. "We all sang" Harrison said. "We were all lead vocalists so though we were a three piece band we had a pretty big sound". If anyone should find a certain USA West Coast Influence on this Freedom album, Harrison would agree. "That was what we were aiming at I suppose. We were touring a lot in US at that time, supporting Jethro Tull and then we returned to the UK touring with Black Sabbath and Curved Air". Freedom disbanded in 1972 with Bobby forming Snafu.

1. Nobody (Bobby Harrison, Roger Saunders) - 3:57
2. In Search Of Something (Bobby Harrison, Roger Saunders) - 6:23
3. Dusty Track (Roger Saunders, Walt Monaghan) - 7:55
4. Man Made Laws (Bobby Harrison, Roger Saunders) - 3:25
5. Ain't No Chance To Score (Bobby Harrison, Roger Saunders) - 5:41
6. Pretty Woman (Williams) - 5:39
7. Freedom (Bobby Harrison, Walt Monaghan, Roger Saunders) - 5:12
8. Frustrated Woman (Bobby Harrison, Walt Monaghan, Roger Saunders) - 4:59

*Bobby Harrison - Vocals, Drums
*Roger Saunders - Guitar, Vocals
*Walt Monaghan - Bass, Vocals

1969 Nero Su Bianco / Black On White
1973-74  Snafu - Snafu / Situation Normal

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  1. Thank you for Freedom albums!
    I like this band and have both CD, but may be your rip will sound better...

  2. excellent post unknown band for me thanks

  3. Thanks! What a generous share. Never knew this one existed.

  4. Thank You for the Freedom CD!

    Maybe you also have the later album, 'Freedom Is More Than A Word' from 1972 to upload?, with the great, under-rated (& *unknown*) guitar player Steve Jolly, who was one of the co-lead guitarists in the great (& also *unknown*) HEAVY British blues-rock band, Sam Apple Pie (on their first & best s/t record from '69) --dandor

  5. Great stuff! Thanks very much...

  6. Great band from that time.Any album from FREEDOM is amazing...

  7. wonderful disc. tank you very much! - Brasil

  8. Thank you very much for this.

  9. Remember Buying this album out of cheap record rack in local record shop as a teenager loved Dusty Track thanks for share great memories

  10. My friends and I saw "FREEDOM" many times around 1969-70 at The Bridge House ( now replaced by a flyover ) in Canning Town, London.
    Great "live " band, great venue, great memories.......
    LJG now living in Melbourne.