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Monday, January 20, 2014

T.P. Smoke - T.P. Smoke (1971 denmark, exciting organ drivin' heavy prog psych, 2009 remaster)

T.P. Smoke consist of three personalities of the Danish Beat Scene, three young gifted artists who improved their talents in various groups in Denmark throughout the past years.

The leader and the star is the twenty-three-year old Tommy Petersen, During the last 10 years he was able to conquer a top-position in the Danish Beat World. Already years ago his excellent and most popular compositions made him the Lennon/McCartney of the North. 

This album shows two different but equally good Tommy Petersons: First as writer of both lyrics and music and second on his organ. Together with companions Kay Rose on bass and Rene Sejr on drums he made an album which proves that T.P. Smoke belongs to the top groups of the North.
by Flemming Antony

1. The Bad, Bad Junker - 6:20
2. Take A Trip - 4:52
3. You' re Right Place - 6:48
4. I'm A Stone - 4:10
5. The Girl I Met Today - 7:07
6. Dreams - 4:01
7. Hammerschmitts Garden - 10:00
8. Smoke - 5:05

T.P. Smoke
*Tommy Petersen - Organ
*Kay Rose - Bass
*Rene Sejr - Drums


Anonymous said...

Finally a remaster of this masterpiece!

Thanks alot Marios.


adamus67 said...

Wow!!! I have it on an old vinyl dozen good years. Their album was manufactured in Germany (and distributed there in addition to Denmark) released in 1970 by label TELEFUNKEN PT 12033(D)(CD- appears incorrect date 1971)
Tommy Petersen was the leader of the group - he wrote the songs, provided the soul and blues flavoured vocals and played the lead instrument. Several tracks sound like a curious (and very tasteful) cross between Atomic Rooster, Hansson & Karlsson and Tom Jones. Definitely successful album of the Danish formation containing 8,progressive tracks based primarily on dense (sometimes a bit blues) play the Hammond B3 organ and a great rhythm section. In addition, the singer had a very good, strong vocals reminiscent of some Arhura Brown. It's generally considered to among the best Danish albums! I highly recommend it!!!

@Marios,many thanks for the nice surprise!:)

Anonymous said...

super excellent album

many thanks


Sergey said...

thank you very much! Very good album

mukahnlor said...

Great music, a million thanks !!!

heeren said...

I sincerely doubt many in Denmark agree with that, in fact the band never gained any credibility or recognition at the local scene (I know cause I was there ;-)). And leader Tommy P. was more of a pop musician who before and after this his only forray into more 'progressive' music made a living playing at strip clubs etc.. But perhaps it really is a lost masterpiece. No doubt the man could play a good hammond. The rhythm section has never been heard of - at least in connection with rock - before or after.