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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Paul Revere And The Raiders - A Christmas Present... And Past (1967 us, beautiful garage beat roots 'n' roll, happy holidays)

A Christmas Present...and Past, by Paul Revere & the Raiders featuring Mark Lindsay, was one of the stranger seasonal albums ever made, which was perhaps appropriate given its release in the midst of the psychedelic '60s/Vietnam War era. Lindsay and producer/co-songwriter Terry Melcher concocted a comic, satirical take on Christmas that included sendups of President Lyndon Johnson, references to current social problems, and "A Heavy Christmas Message," which plaintively asked, "Who took the Christ out of Christmas?" Amazingly, Columbia Records reissued this odd artifact on CD in the 1990s as though it were just another collection of holiday songs. Listeners who buy it unaware are in for a surprise.
by William Ruhlmann

1.  Introduction (Lindsay, Melcher) 2:01
2.  Wear a Smile at Christmas (Lindsay, Melcher) 1:32
3.  Jingle Bells (Pierpont) 3:07
4.  Brotherly Love (Lindsay, Melcher) 2:09
5.  Rain, Sleet, Snow (Lindsay, Melcher) 2:51
6.  Peace (Lindsay, Melcher) 3:17
7.  Valley Forge (Lindsay, Melcher) 3:02
8.  Dear Mr. Claus (Lindsay, Melcher) 2:33
9.  Macy's Window (Lindsay, Melcher) 1:29
10.Christmas Spirit (Lindsay, Melcher) 2:02
11.A Heavy Christmas Message (Lindsay, Melcher) 3:15

Paul Revere And The Raiders
*Mark Lindsay - Vocals, Saxophone
*Charlie Coe - Bass Guitar
*Drake "Kid" Levin - Lead Guitar
*Freddy Weller - Lead Guitar
*Joe Correro, Jr. - Drums

1963-65  Paul Revere And The Raiders - Mojo Work Out
1970  Mark Lindsay - Arizona / Silverbird

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Philipp said...

I didn't know anything about this CD. I'm really surprised and happy.
Many thanks to Crunchyfrog & Marios!

Abhijit Sarkar said...

I never knew about this CD, thanks a lot for sharing such wonderful christmas present ideas with us.

BarrieB said...

I downloaded this somewhere else earlier in the year & to be honest a few of the tracks aren't really keepers for me..

RobJam said...

What an amazing oddity. Thanks :-)

zappahead said...

Thanks for sharing this...its a winner.....Hope you had a Merry Christmas....and have a Happy New Year...cheers.

Guy Callaway said...

Well, that was...different.