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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Jodo - Guts (1971 uk, stunning heavy blues psych rock)

Jodo formed from a band called Axe who had a minor hit with a single called "Running Wild" written by Rod Alexander and Bill Kimber.

Jodo were a British band whose sole album was only released in the US at the time. Killer heavy-rock sound with ultra loud fuzzed out guitars and melodic vocals. Engineered by Martin Birch (B. Sabbath, D. Purple, B.O.C.) and produced by Derek Lawrence (D. Purple, Green Bullfrog).

1. Nightmare (R. Alexander, W. E. Kimber) - 3:30
2. One Night Stand (J. Taylor , R. Alexander, W. E. Kimber) - 2:49
3. I'm Still Trying (J. Taylor , R. Alexander, W. E. Kimber) - 4:50
4. What's Your Number (E. Jordan, J. Taylor , R. Alexander, W. E. Kimber) - 2:46
5. Rat Race (R. Alexander, W. E. Kimber) - 2:58
6. Seventeen (J. Taylor , R. Alexander, W. E. Kimber) - 5:23
7. Wish You'd Never Been Born (J. Taylor , R. Alexander, W. E. Kimber) - 3:06
8. It's No Good (R. Alexander, W. E. Kimber) - 3:12
9. Pushing (D. James, R. Alexander, W. E. Kimber) - 3:50
10.There's Still Time (J. Taylor , R. Alexander, W. E. Kimber) - 4:36

*Earl Jordan - Lead Guitar, Vocals
*Rod Alexander - Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
*Jon Taylor - Guitar
*Bill Kimber - Vocals
*Chico Greenwood - Drums

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kobilica said...

Good album,recomended for heavy blues fans...

ogmonster said...


Back in Purple said...

I love this album!
I created a direct link to this post on Back In Purple, in a new section called "Link Box". I hope you'll like it. Thank you for sharing so many gems!

Sergey said...

thank you very much! Cool. Very nice band

Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot!

Anonymous said...

Link is broken? : (

Unknown said...

Very Blusie Tunesie....Thanks

Chechu said...

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