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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Jake Holmes - The Above Ground Sound Of Jake Holmes (1967 us, remarkable acid folk rock, Fallout mini lp edition)

When folk-rock singer/songwriter Jake Holmes opened for The Yardbirds in New York in August 1967, little did he suspect that one of his songs, Dazed And Confused, would be “commandeered” by guitarist Jimmy Page and become one of his next band’s major live showpieces. 

The band in question is of course Led Zeppelin, and although The Yardbirds did incorporate the song into their live set, it is the Led Zep version that provided Holmes with his 15 minutes of fame, although Mr Page, clearly suffering from a temporary bout of amnesia, forgetfully claimed the song writing credit himself. Holmes had done the rounds of the New York folk scene, working in bands with the likes of Tim Rose before going solo. 

This, his first recording, originally appeared on the Tower label (ST 5079) in 1967. The album is considered a folk-rock masterpiece, and was described at the time as “a songwriter, three guitars and a mirror”. The guitars of Holmes, Ted Irwin (later to play with Elliot Murphy, Roy Buchanan and various country singers) are the only backing for Holmes’ voice and the 10 short tracks are outstanding, but especially the sparer, stripped-down original version of Dazed And Confused. 

Jake  was born December 28, 1939 in San Francisco, California, and before went solo, he performed in a trio with Tim Rose and Richie Hussan, in a group called The Feldmans.

1. Lonely - 2:39
2. Did You Know - 2:52
3. She Belongs To Me - 2:14
4. Too Long - 2:47
5. Genuine - 3:58
6. Dazed And Confused - 3:51
7. Penny’s - 2:38
8. Hard To Keep My Mind On You - 2:02
9. Wish I Was Anywhere Else - 2:51
10.Signs Of Age -  4:02
All songs by Jake Holmes

*Jake Holmes - Vocals, Guitars
*Ted Irwin - Lead Guitar
*Rick Randle - Bass Guitar

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  1. Don't judge the CD by the cover. This gentleman looks like some a member of James Last Orchestra, but he definitely plays very different kind of music.
    Great album, thx.

  2. Dazed and Confused is Led Zep plagiarism well as many of their songs,masters of business!

  3. A beautiful album from yet another artist i wouldn't know except for Marios. Thank you once again.

    Just wiki'd Jake and apparently there is another album...any chance you have it?

  4. Amazing album and remaster is well done, in its original mono. (The stereo mix is fake reprocessed stereo). The vinyl transfer is very good. This is a must have. Thanks Marios for sharing!!!

  5. Great artist. Incredible songwriter. What a pearl this album is. Why this genius is so unknown. Dazed and Confused isn't even the best song!

    1. Love the Jazz/Folk/Psychedelia fusion of this album. Too Long being my favorite.

  6. Very good album, great artist.
    And yeah, how's possible that Led Zep copied so much and got away with all?