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Saturday, June 8, 2013

V.A. - Fading Yellow Vol.15 Sunshowers (1966-74 us/canada, popsike and other delights)

The latest Fading Yellow Volume 15, where standards are always set on the highest level. This time digging deep in USA & Canada late 60´s. All the tracks on a compilation for the first time, The Cd comes as Limited edition 1000 copies with detailed linernotes 

Whatever you call it, pop-sike, magic pop etc. i call it "that special Fading Yellow sound" which by now has became a household name among listeners who loves this genre of music. Classic compilation series of purest popsike of the 60-70´s.

Artists - Tracks
1. Bob And Kit - Autumn Too Long - 2:11
2. The Phaetons - Where Are You? - 2:38
3. The Others - Morning - 2:03
4. Mark Barkan - A Great Day For The Clown - 3:07
5. The New Establishment - Time For Everything - 2:28
6. Michael - Gotta Make My Heart Turn Away - 2:50
7. National Bank Of Sound - Me And My Friends - 2:45
8. The Thomas Group - Ordinary Girl - 2:18 
9. Willapuss Wallapuss - To Jone - 2:53
10.The Mouse - Mouse - 3:09
11.Terry McManus - Sunshower In The Spring - 2:36
12.The Promise - Sundown Sky - 2:22
13.The Travel Agency - Time - 2:36
14.Bridey Murphy - The Time Has Come - 2:10
15.The MFQ - I Had A Dream Last Night - 2:36 
16.Coloured Rain - On Their Carousel - 2:41

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Hajul Ellah said...

Awesome share!
Thanks, Cor and Marios.

mscmichael said...

Good addition to the series. Thanks very much...

ELecTRicRAinBoW said...

More greatness coming from the winning team of Cor & Marios! Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Nice! Thanks! (The Travel Agency track is not the same group that made the album on Viva - repeat, NOT!)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic collection
thanks a lot Marios, for nice share
but there also vol. 14 ????

Anonymous said...

Fantastic series...thanks to all for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Travel Agency is very much NOT the same band! It's not important, but it is irritating to see the same untruths repeated. The other one is that there is a pre-Family Tree Bob Segarini connection. Nope. The only other recording featuring the Travel Agency (album band) is the Shanti album.

Marios said...

Thank you for the infos,
I presume youre some kind related with one of the bands, to know so much detailed informations,
I suppose that, some CD credits are wrong.

dadfred said...

Thanx for the next installments on these great compilations.... the Piccadilly Circus and Fading Yellow compilations Marios and Cor. Great job on these. Hits the spot to chill and listen to either of these trippy albums. Thanx again!

michael vee said...

hello Marios,
I wonder if you can find Fading Yellow Volume 13...?
thanks for all your generous efforts!

michael vee said...

.. sorry, I meant Fading Yellow Volume 14....

Mia Mossberg78 said...

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Anonymous said...

So fine but... the password don't work.
t's the same for Piccadilly Sunshine part 12

Jassa said...

Thank You so very much for psoting this serie of wonderful popsike. Never Heard about it untuill you'r work here. Beautiful Music and Amazing work of the people whot put this serie out on cd. I shall try to find so that I can buy the best of them also. Especially no 10 and 12. Thank's again andmay the force be with you.

Anonymous said...

So cool, many thanks :0)

wcpaeb said...

Thanks Marios and Cor

Jaime said...

Hi Mario...; this link is dead. Thanks

winston smith said...

please re up marios

Marios said...

winston smith, ALL "Fading Yellow", volumes Updated..