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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Various Artists - Piccadilly Sunshine Vol. 11 (1966-70 uk, charming pop psych and other flavours, 2012 Particles)

Piccadilly Sunshine Vol.11 gives us a further delve through the colourful confines of long-forgotten British pop revealing pretty colours and flower-power pop. Celebrating the British psyche that inspired songs such as Gypsy Fred and Cobbled Streets, this latest installment illuminates the obscured artefacts of illustrious noise that emerged from the Great British psychedelic era. 

Piccadilly Sunshine part Eleven offers bittersweet folk rock and baroque, beat pop from an era that was and never shall be again.
CD Liner notes

Artists - Tracks
1. Mike Stevens And The Shevelles - Hog Tied - 3:04
2. Chris Duffy - Something For Now - 2:12
3. David Cumming - The Parrots of Simple Street - 2:40
4. Hammers - Little Butterfly - 2:35
5. John Cushing - Boys for Toys - 2:28
6. Terry Reid With Jay, Peter And The Jaywalkers - This Time - 1:48
7. The Crew - Marty - 3:00
8. Twinset - Sneakin' Up On You - 2:25
9. Act - Cobbled Streets - 2:10
10.Scott Harris - Barry Johnson's Sad Eyes Inn - 2:27
11.Gibsons - Lazy Summer Day - 2:34
12.Unit Four Plus Two - I Was Only Playing Games - 2:40
13.The Rogues - And You Better Let Her Pass By - 2:50
14.Chippy - Think About Me - 2:11
15.Dave Helling - If You're Gonna Leave Me - 2:48
16.The Keepers - Lonely Boy - 2:14
17.The Koobas - Gypsy Fred - 3:00
18.Loose Ends - Send The People Away - 2:26
19.Chris Kerry - The Place - 2:10
20.Vanity Fare - Betty Carter - 1:52

The Piccadilly Sunshine flavours 
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  1. thanks Marios. Especially I like Boys for Toy by John. xo
    - Vinnie

  2. Another great addition to the series! Thnaks a lot...

  3. Superb! I was hoping you would continue this series. I am not sure how many more there are but there is for sure a Part 12. I really hope you have it and more for posting!!!

    Thanks for this one and for all the wonderful things you post they are all greatly appreciated by me!

  4. Thank you very much for this one.
    Hope to see vol.12 here soon, too.
    What about giving a shot to the Mixed-up Minds series, too?


  5. thank you for this post. keep up the good work

  6. This is a must have series:) Thx for uploading!

  7. Thanx a lot for this great collection.
    Belgian Oldies Radio

  8. Thank you for this wonderful collection

  9. unfortunetely vol.10 (pt.2) and vol.11 (both parts) need reupoloading. Thanks for these beatiful comps. The best are the first four and the last four

  10. sorry, that's because my browser. No problem with these comps