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Friday, February 22, 2013

Peter Thorup With Friends - Wake Up Your Mind (1970-71 denmark, standout tough blues rock)

Peter Thorup well known Danish Blues-Rock musician gained an international reputation because of his cooperation with Blues icon Alexis Korner in New Church, CCS and Snape in the early 70s. After he dispended his first Band The Beefeaters in 1969, Thorup was helped by some old friends from famous Danish groups Young Flowers, Burning Red Ivanhoe, The Beefeaters, Rainbow Band to record "Wake Up Your Mind" in February and March 1970. 13 titles were recorded of which 7 found its way on in 1970 on Philips released album "Wake up Your Mind". 

The music was not restricted to just Blues-Rock and consequently this release had a much wider appeal as the rest of Peter Thorups efforts. The album reflects the musicians good reputation and it is rather a band project than a solo effort. Fantastic guitar playing by Peter Thorup and Peer Frost (Young Flowers), gorgeous vocals by P.T. and Ole Fick (Burning Red Ivanhoe), excellent organ work by Morten Kjaerumgard and impressive flute and sax playing by Bent Hesselmann (Maxwells, Rainbow Band/Midnight Sun) define this real killer. 

Beside the original album tracks, there are 6 bonustracks featuring among others Hendrix´ "If 6 was 9" in an real killer 8 minutes version and 11 Minutes opus "I dreamed I was a dog last night" by Ole Fick. Package comes with comprehensive booklet, band history, photos, digitally remastered. A must have. 

1. Worried Blues (Trad. Arr. Thorup) - 8:09
2. Coming Home Baby (Tucker) - 5:07
3. Keep It Up (Thorup) - 6:27
4. Running Wild (Thorup) - 4:05
5. I'm Coming Home (Stables) - 3:10
6. Grand Mother Watch Your Son (Thorup) - 4:24
7. Wake Up Your Mind (Thorup) - 6:37
8. Looking For Fun (Fick) - 4:17
9. Little Sister (Thorup) - 6:10
10.So Much Means A Lot (Thorup) - 5:51
11.You Got The Power (Frost, Igemann, Goudman) - 6:59
12.If Six Was Nine (Hendrix) - 7:30
13.I Dreamed I Was A  Dog Last Night (Fick) - 11:00

*Peter Thorup - Guitar, Vocals
*Ole Fick - Vocal, Guitar, Piano, Harmonica
*Max Nhuthezh - Vocals, Percussion, Drums
*Bent Hesselmann - Saxophone, Flute
*Peer Frost - Guitar
*Nils Henriksen - Guitar
*Morten Kjarumgaard - Organ
*Peter Ingeman - Bass
*Erik Stedt - Bass
*Steen Munte Jensen - Drums
*Ken Gudman - Drums

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kobilica said...

One of the best albums from denmark I've ever heard from that era of rock.Many thanks for this version with bonus tracks...

antavent said...

This one is a very good sampler from Denmaek. I only had the 7 track version, so Marios I'm grateful for the upgrade. Keep on doing this nice job, keep on rockin'...

Anonymous said...

It doesn't work.
What a pity, the file is corrupted.
Only the artwork is available.

adamus67 said...

Peter Thorup (14 December 1948 - 3 August 2007), was a Danish guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer. He was one of the most important blues musicians in Denmark, and was known outside his own country, when the late 60's he met Alexis Korner and the two formed the band New Church and later as a vocalist of CCS (Collective Consciousness Society)
Peter Thorup at the age of 15, was the guitarist for the Danish band The Blackpools between 1963 and 1966,also he has performed at the age of 18 years in the Danish band Beefeaters, and met Alexis Korner, Korner on tour in Scandinavia. Korner and Thorup have worked together for several years in the UK, but in 1976 he returned to Denmark to work with Danish musicians known, as was the case with Sebastian.

Thorup almost always playing rock or blues, also won a pop hit in Denmark, where he has recorded with Anne Grete in 1984, a Danish version of "Islands in the Stream" by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton. In the last years of his life, he lived a quiet life, playing small gigs in Denmark and recorded a few albums.

In the very long and cold winter of 1969/ 1970 the three members of the danish supergroup, "Young Flowers", decided to close down their trio. Peer Frost, Peter Ingemann and Ken Gudman were all exhausted from three years of never ending concert-tours.They also needed new inspiration and challenges. But, the band was booked for another 5 months, including 3 major tours in Denmark. So, Max Nutzhorn, congas/vocal, Peter Thorup, guitar/vocal and Bent Hesselmann, saxes/flute, were invited to join the band until 1. of june, where the bookinglist stopped. The tours were highly succesful and had an ever growing audience as the three guests added new energy and colours to the stage-show. The spring of 1970 brought a lot of transformations, not only in mother nature, but also in the world of music. The bands seemed to have grasped the idea of taking new elements into their performances. A wave based on friendship and optimism spread among the musicians and a lot of new bands were formed. Some of these new bands were mixing jazz and rock, while others added classical musicians to their group.

Another new thing was, that all these new bands wrote their own music! At this time the danish rockscene was blooming in all colours, except for black, as dead- and punkrock had to wait for another 10 years. In march "Young Flowers and Friends" played a concert in the concerthall of the danish radiohouse. However, the technicians had very little experience in recording amplified gear, and that was clearly heard! After this disappointing result, Peter Thorup contacted Ivar Rosenberg, the owner of a very estimated recording studio in a cinema in Vanløse, "Vanløse Bio". In the summertime there were very few clients to record, so Peter got a lot of days, where we could record in the daytime from until and in the evenings from 11.30 pm, when the late filmshow was over! Ivar, a very clever, traditional technician, added a new face for our sessions, Freddy Hansson, who had just emerged from the sound department of the danish filmscool. The studio had an 8- track taperecorder, plate reverb, echomachine and a mellotrone! Thus we were equipped, and we started the sessions. The repertoire was a mix of traditional rock and blues, plus a few original songs by Ole Fick, There were almost no time for rehearsal. The lead vocalist would instruct us, we tried the song a few times, and then 1-2-3-4. Off we went!
Bent Hesselmann.

Thx Marios & Laurent.

juan manuel muñoz said...

thanks a lot

Sergey said...

thank you very much

Marios said...

Peter Thorup With Friends - Wake Up Your Mind ...ReUp