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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Jeff Liberman - Then And Now (1975/78/89 us, exciting singer songwiter, acid psych folk blues rock with experimental mood)

I knew that I had to play the guitar when I heard the unique sounds of Eric Clapton, I was I3 years old when a friend of mine introduced me to John Mayall's Bluesbreakers and "cream's" Disraeli Gears albums which featured Eric Clapton. I wore those albums out! I came across a gretch guitar; a small amplifier and a fuzz face distortion unit. From that moment on, i was in love with that "overdrive" sound.

During my mid-teen age years.'i studied some jazz, on and off, but always looked for ways to integrate "jazz riffs" into a "rock" environment: for quite some time I had developed a fondness for poetry, so songwriting became an opportunity to weave this desire to write, into the musical sounds that i could create. I dont consider myself a musican, nor have i ever. I feel, that i am an artist who uses the guitar and lyrics just as an impressionist painter uses his brush and canvas. My work is "stream of consciousness" for the most part during my late teens. I realized that a number of people showed an interest in my music.

I then decided to record my first album. I never pursued music in a commercial or monetary way. To me, recording my music was a way to express myself as well as an avenue to create something tangible: a record. My first album, "Jeffery Liberman" was recorded at the age of I9, i had very little money and only with the help of all parties involved (ie. Artist for cover; recording studio, etc.) Was i able to complete the entire project for a mere $ 2,000!

All of the profits from this album were donated to the larabida children's hospital in Chicago. Illinios. I wanted to use whatever talent or perceived talent that i had. To help others when possible. After completing my first album, i realized that i not only enjoyed writing and playing. But i also enjoyed the production aspect of my music. I continued to write and record my songs as money would allow. Consequently, all of my music was "low budget. My focus was always on the expression of my ideas. Not on the presentation. I had to employ some unusual recording techniques, so as to enable me to record my music while having such limited financial access.

I have had the pleasure of playing with such notable artists as: Phil Upchurch. Muddy Waters jr., junior a awells and the rhythm selection of junior walker and the all stars. My musical influences include such greats as: Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Duane Allman, Roy Buchanan, Jeff Beck, Albert Collins, Larry Carlton and Jan Ackerman. I have put together a guitar book for people that would like to learn the note patterns and chords that i use in my playing.

No music reading is required. Anyone can learn the note patterns and riffs used by all of these artists. I believe that toe artists' soul is what differentiates each player's sound as well as their interpretation of tonal patterns. My current equipment is: hamer guitar; gibson es-347. Gibson les paul, martin d-35 small amplifier (inexpensive. No name) "rat distortion box vox cry baby wah wah pedal.
Jefferey Liberman

Disc 1
-Jefferey Liberman same
1. Dreamin' Sailor - 2:17
2. Evanescent - 3:03
3. Catherine - 2:51
4. Phenaphen #3 - 8:42
5. Boogie Blues - 3:37
6. Safari - 2:51
7. Tasty Vertex - 4:14
8. All That Jazz - 4:10
9. Women's Needs Are Seldom - So Meet Them At The Why? - 4:45
-Solitude Within
10.I Can't Change - 3:48
11.Springtime - 2:35
12.Rock Or Roll Me - 3:39
13.Lite Is Just A Show - 2:32
14.A Myopic Huphoria - 1:43
15.Woman - 4:40
16.Solitude Within - 2:43
17.Soft Anil lasts - 2:22
18.The Same Old Blues - 3:31
19.Transition - 3:29

Disc 2
1. Way Of The Wind - 2:34
2. Just A Thoimlu - 2:43
3. What The Funk - 1:14
4. Everything Around Us Will Be Love - 2:56
5. On The Move - 2:28
6. Another Day - 3:05
7. Springtime - 2:35
8. Transformation - 3:25
9. Stream Ot Contusion - 3:08
10.Cornin' Down On Me - 4:53
-Into The Comfort Zone
11.Way Of The Wind - 3:36
12.Places Tb Go - 3:26
13.Down On Me - 5:16
14.Another Day - 3:15
15.City Streets - 5:27
16.Music lakes Me Higher - 2:23
17.You've Got The Cure - 3:08
18.Man For You - 3:24
W.I C'an't Change - 3:50
20.There s A Way - 3:55
21.25 Or 6 To 4 - 4:44

*Jeffery Liherman - Vocals, Guitars, Synthesizers
*Phil Uptcmple - Bass
*Tom Radlock - Drums
*Lindsey Nelson - Vocals, Keyboards, Flute
*Bryce Roberson - Bass, Guitars
*Joel Brooks - Piano
*Ronnie Harvil - Bass
*Billie Ebmeyer - Percussions
*Jerry Peoples - Sax
*Brian Grice - Percussions
*Harry Brotman - Synthy
*Larry Ball - Bass
*Danny Watson - Piano
*Roger Mathews - Bass
*Charles Krisler - Percussions
*George Voss - Clarinet
*Nick Cortesc - Vocals
*Marvin R. Sparks, Jr. - Percussions
*Chris Moberly - Keyboards
*Ron Kurzman - Percussions
*Sandy Tower - Keyboards, Vocals
*Dan Lomas - Guitars, Moog, Bass, French Horns
*Tom Radlock - Percussions
*Ron Harris - Bass
*Byron K. Bowie - Horns, Flute
*Solomon (King) Johnson - Vocals
*Byron Gregory - Rhythm Guitars
*Paul Richmond - Bass
*Koco - Keyboards
*Morris Jennings - Percussions

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Hotroder said...

Oh shit,i just come in my pants.
Thanks Marios your the best man,been after this for ages,thanks heaps for sharing.

dadfred said...

Thank you extremely much Marios for this Jeff Liberman share! I have been searching for a complete 2 disc version of this compilation for at least 5-6 years. I first heard Jeff Liberman on someones home-made mix posted somewhere in space called "Various - Ugly Babies"... and the track on it was "Evanescent". I am relieved to have finally found it, but on the flip side, some of the enjoyment in searching for it is lost forever! Oh well, guess I'll take the found gift and be happy. Thanx again Marios!

JeanBernardFrance said...

great guitar playing.
I bought a 2cd a long time ago and its a great pleasure to listen to it again.Thanks.

RickK said...

thank you for this marios. I've only heard the first lp and wasn't even aware of his others. I also want to thank you for helping get Phrock back online. You are a true hero.

fmercik said...

Love these albums. But I can't get into the download link needs a password. Does anyone have this in MP3

space88 said...

A True Pearl!!

ARGS said...

Many thanks for this Marios!!!

sparkler said...

I've been checking this one out and love it! Thanks Marios!

Anonymous said...

All the links are dead. Could anyone re-upload? Would appreciate it very much.

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