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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ironbridge - Ironbridge (1973 uk, soft rock with prog traces and nice vocals harmonies, Flawed Gems 2012 release)

The sole, eponymous LP of the British band was released in 1973 by EMI  Label, unfortunately in France only ! There's no information available about the band ( even their names ) expect the fact they came from Telford area in Shropshire and were previousley known as Fluff.

The music itself is best described as very melodic, early Badfinger ( well done vocal harmonies, catchy melodies ) combined with George Harrison ( beautiful electric / acoustic guitar sound ), some hard rock ( on few tracks ) and progressive rock influences ( occasional mellotron passages, changing moods ).

1. Just A Bridge - 3:34
2. Back Room - 3:43
3. Hallelujah Dave - 2:51
4. Getting Older - 2:51
5. Making It Hard - 3:54
6. Show - 4:46
7. It's All Right - 3:16
8. Frost And Fire - 2:39
9. Simple Man - 2:43
10.Glen - 0:55
11.I Can Fly - 3:30
12.Shanty - 6:43


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Hajul Ellah said...

This site is loaded with nothing but amazing stuff. Many thanks, The Great Marios.

kobilica said...

Amazing hidden treasure.Thank you"MARIOS"...

DanP said...

I usually don't reach for anything labeled "soft rock", but the description really appeals to me. I like "The Parlour Band," that might be called soft rock I suppose...

Sergey said...

thanks a lot!

Michael Alden said...

Link appears dead. Any chance you could repost?

Marios said...