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Friday, October 19, 2012

Little Big Horn - Little Big Horn (1970-71 uk, great hard rock with glam and prog traces, 2012 Flawed Gems issue)

The eponymous, German-only album from this long forgotten British hard progressive quintet was released in 1971 by Bellaphon - the record label responsible for the collectable (and now very expensive) vinyl editions of other, stylistically similar but also little known UK bands like Diabolus, Steel Mill, Crazy Mabel and Sunday. 

This difficult to describe album contained an eclectic mix of styles, going between straight rock, tasteful rock ballads and hard progressive rock. That varied, well-arranged and in most parts simply stunning record will certainly appeal to the fans of Procol Harum, Skin Alley and Jody Grind. As a bonus we have added a very rare, non-LP UK single (from 1970) - with a terrific and insanely hypnotic Just A Game being one of the very best heavy rock tracks from early 70's.

1. Good Time Music - 3:38
2. Getting It Together - 3:31
3. I Wish I Had The Words - 4:27
4. Anything That Turns You On - 3:02
5. Right Road - 3:31
6. Name Of The Game - 3:07
7. Something Good - 2:56
8. Ain't No Harm - 3:39
9. Isn't It Strange - 3:22
10.Just Ain't Fair - 5:28
11.Another Man's Song - 3:57
12.Just A Game (Single B-Side) - 4:16

Little Big Horn
*Jim Turner - Vocals, Piano, Organ
*Barry Beasley - Vocals, Bass
*Billy Slaney - Drums, Percussion
*Alan Davis - Lead Vocals
*Danny Maidment - Vocals, Guitar

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DanP said...

:D :D thanks!

kobilica said...

It's only rock'n'roll,but I like it.Many thanks"MARIOS" for this mostly forgoten artists...

guinea pig said...


Hajul Ellah said...

A beauty! Thanks, Marios.

adamus67 said...

Wow... nice surprise.. why? ... this is the first time on CD,of the name of the British team has already met a few years ago, along with the information that his only album released in 1971 - only German Bellaphon effort - Little Big Horn I heard, their a brilliant piece 'Just A Game' (UK single B-side from 1970) appeared on the great, hard-progressive compilation 'A Visit To The Spaceship Factory!'
Marios: many thanks!

sorogan said...

Thanx a lot, Marios !!

Cositronico said...

This is a fantastic album. Great surprise. Thankx.

sparkler said...

love it! thank you Marios ^^

Sam Turner said...

Interesting fact. The band didn't know this album existed untill about 2010. The songs were originally written as part of a musical.
Jim Turner is my father.

Filldemontgat said...

The light it looks...:)
Thanks Marios.

Marios said...