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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Estus - Estus (1973 us, raw hard rock, with Marc Bell from Dust and Ramones, 2010 Flawed Gems issue)

This excellent album by American hard rock band was released in 1973 by Columbia label, but unfortunately went completely unnoticed! The band name was associated only with a drummer Mark Bell (of US heavy rock legend Dust & then a future member of Ramones - as Marky Ramone) - which was a huge injustice! 

Estus music combined early 70's classic heavy, bluesy rock sound with storming, heavy guitar rifts, but also with nice and catchy melodies.

It often sounded very similar to Dust (understandably), but also to Led Zeppelin, Wishbone Ash and even early Lynyrd Skynyrd. This perfectly produced and beautifully sounded album will surely appeal to the most fans of ambitious heavy rock!

1.  90 M.P.H. (Tom Nicholas) - 4:27
2.  On The Wings (John Nicholas, Tom Nicholas) - 7:12
3.  McCloud (Tom Nicholas) - 2:28
4.  Goodbye (J. Nicholas, T. Nicholas) - 5:05
5.  Inside Out You Look The same (John Nicholas) - 5:29
6.  Sweet Children (J. Nicholas) - 6:14
7.  Truckin’ Man (J. Nicholas, T. Nicholas) - 4:06
8.  In The Morning (Harry Rumpf) - 4:35
9.  B.M.D. (J. Nicholas, T. Nicholas) - 5:09

*Tom Nicholas - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
*John Nicholas - Bass, Vocals, Harp, Percussion
*Harry Rumpf - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion
*Marc Bell - Drums

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  1. I search for album Can Am Des Puig – The Book Of AM, can at you is?

  2. I thought Marc Bell went directly to the Ramones after Dust, so this will be interesting. With a name like Estus, it's no surprise they didn't get noticed. Thanks for the opportunity to preview this previously unknown artifact from days gone by.

  3. Many music lovers never heard of this album,but it's well worth to check it out.Many thanks"MARIOS"...

  4. Hi Marios! Thank you so much for another wonderful upload! Greatful!

  5. Sought after LP by record collectors on the Columbia label released in 1973. Produced by Andrew Oldham, the group's recorded this one-off record with the short-lived Estus, self-titled debut comes across as a pretty generic hippie rock record, only occasionally venturing into heavier post-psych hard rock territory and never all that well,sandwiched between his early days with the hard rock band Dust and later punk fame with The Voidoids and Ramones, drummer Marc Bell (aka Marky Ramone) spending much time digging around for a curiosity piece for big Ramones fans, or I guess Dust.

    Thx Marios!

  6. Classy Blues!
    Many thanks for the album, and quality!

  7. Hi Mario

    The track 09 - B.M.D. in the @320kbps/MP3 download is corrupted.

    Is it possible to reup, please?

    Congratulations for your superlative blog and NEVER give up!

    Keep on rockin´, man.


    Purple Man from Brasil

  8. He can't upload the 9th track which is corrupted because he doesn't have the CD.How he did it? He took it from "Veneros Do Rock"

  9. I've been listening to this album since it first came out. Over and over. Favorites are sweet children and goodbye. I got it at a used record store that would sometimes get promotional albums from radio stations. Great vocals guitars, bass and of course marc bell.What ever happened to these guys?

  10. Hi Kevin, look for previous comment by adamus67 (connections with Dust, that is another great group)

  11. I was wondering if anybody knew what happened to the Nicholas Brothers, if they ever made any more music no matter how obscure I would like to hear it. Mark Bell is a great drummer no doubt about it. I like his work mostly with dust and Estes. I think the Beatles of punk, the Ramones greatly underutilized him

  12. Could you please repost links, because linksafe links don't work anymore? Also what's up with this rip... your post says its by Mario, but one of the comments says it's the same faulty rip taken from Venenos Do Rock, but the person at the Back In Purple blog is insisting that your flac rip MUST be perfect because it's flac (but I can't tell, because as I said, linksafe won't take me to the actual link). The only rips I can find are either a vinyl rip that doesn't sound great and a cd rip that sounds great but has the audio of the last track cut off prematurely.

  13. I saw them live at the Acadamy of Music in Manhattan, right before the album was released. The album was a little over produced, they did not need the strings and horns that were added, they only mimiced the guitar lines. A really good live band.

  14. You don't know what you're talking about.The band really needed the orchestra.Rinse your ears out.