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Monday, September 10, 2012

Various Artists - Piccadilly Sunshine Part 3 (1967-70 uk, wondrous pop psych and other flavours)

Back in the height of London’s swingin’ 60s, Piccadilly Square was definitely the place to be and be seen: a cleaner, hipper alternative to the equally burgeoning Haight-Ashbury scene of the American hippie movement. The third volume of this great archival series from Bevis Frond frontman Nick Saloman gathers together 20 tracks of Technicolor psychedelia from such underground acts of the day as Howard Walker and the Bombthrowers, the Spectrum, Dead Sea Fruit, Mighty Joe Young, Jiminy Crikitt, Episode Six, and Dukes Noblemen to name a few. 

Covering the years 1967-1970, Piccadilly Sunshine Part Three is a collection of choice British obscurities well worth seeking out if you are a fan of the paisley pop psych that emerged from the Beatles smoking pot for the first time. 
by Ron Hart

Artists - Tracks
1. Howard Walker Feat. The Bombthrowers - Love Will Find A Way - 4:05
2. Paul Slade - Remember Daphne - 2:56
3. Alan David - Oh What A Naughty Man - 2:56
4. The Spectrum - London Bridge Is Falling Down - 3:06
5. Dave Justin - Lincoln Green - 3:44
6. Pythagoras Theorem - Free Like Me - 2:17
7. Dead Sea Fruit - Kensington High Street - 2:02
8. Studio Six - I Can’t Sleep - 1:54
9. Mighty Joe Young - By My Side - 2:16
10. Tim Andrews And Paul Korda - Waiter, Get Me A Drink - 2:46
11. Jiminy Crikitt - Isabella - 2:49
12. Cupids Inspiration - Look At Me - 2:18
13. J. A. Freedman - Dance With The Man In The Teapot - 2:31
14. Episode Six - Lucky Sunday - 3:41
15. Jerry St. Clair - Mrs. Jensen Sits Alone - 6:17
16. Dukes Noblemen - Thank You For Your Loving - 2:59
17.The Spectrum - Portobello Road - 2:19
18.John Bryant - She’s In Need Of Love - 3:21
19.Ottilie Patterson - Spring Song - 2:29
20.Howard Walker Feat. The Bombthrowers - Eat Me - 1:54

The Piccadilly Sunshine flavours 
1968-70  Piccadilly Sunshine Part 1
1966-71  Piccadilly Sunshine Part 2

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  1. Very good. Thankx a lot.

  2. Χίλια ευχαριστώ Μάριε για μια ακόμη συλλογή της σειράς Piccadilly Sunshine

  3. Marios,Thanks for another ... in anticipation of the next...

  4. Super Marios! Thank you so much for this wonderful series! Sunshine Pop at its best! Love it! Your Web-page is really fantastic with all your works & Cudawaver. Greatful!

  5. Thanks a lot for your great job. Amazing blog and wonderful music. Thanks again.

  6. A question. How many parts have these series? I have three with diferent songs (maybe promos?). Thanks in advance.

  7. Hi Artemus,
    thank you for your kind words,
    as for Piccadilly, recently released the 10th part (from Past and Present label), the others you mentioned are from different label (Desire) I don't know if here also Nick Saloman is invloved.

  8. Great blog. Excellent posts. Thanx!

  9. Thanks for reuploading Piccadilly Sunshine part 3.