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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mouzakis - Magic Tube (1971 us, raw garage psych with rhythm and blues traces, Radioactive reissue)

Mouzakis were an East coast basement garage psych group and this is their full LP from 1971. The band started with R&B rock standards, adapted on its way bits of rock’n roll, early rock, and stayed mostly rather on the edge with a more garage rock sound. They learned songs like from Animals, and did a cover from Blues Magoos.

Groups of that time like The Who, Animals and even the Rolling Stones very much liked to keep that rawness of garage alive in their more into the 70s directing rock expressions, also Fabulous Pharoahs and Mouzakis fitted with that approach.

The tracks are a bit longer and especially the first two tracks show complex rhythm use in combination with their adapted R&B influence into rock territory. “Magic Tube” has a complex fast rhythm, (bass and drums) almost funky in its bluesy rock way, while on top is slower bluesy singing, with rhythm guitar, creating a unique kind of complexity I have not heard elsewhere. “Rock Around the clock” with additional organ parts continues a bit in the same direction.

Fred Dawson opined 'after trying to get 4-5 people to agree on 'stuff to play,' we ended up as a three piece band. What we lacked in personnel we made up for in amplification.' Magic Tube, very much the rough and ready hard garage psych album, features almost complete material from the collective pen of Dawson and Stevenson.

Of the band, one critic was moved to proclaim 'Mouzakis has to be heard to be believed. They are totally unique...and as a trio, they accomplish more in their sound than groups double their size!'" Two of the members continued to play under the name Capon until the 80s.

1 Magic Tube (Fred Dawson, Eddie Stevenson, Steve Stipo) - 7:03
2 Rock Around the Clock (Jimmy DeKnight, Max Freedman) - 2:28
3 White Horse (Rev. 6-2) (F. Dawson, E. Stevenson, S. Stipo) - 2:25
4 Love Everyday (F. Dawson, E. Stevenson, S. Stipo) - 3:55
5 Long Haired Bombardier (F. Dawson, E. Stevenson, S. Stipo)- 4:02
6 Party Ball (F. Dawson, E. Stevenson, S. Stipo) - 2:18
7 Lady  (F. Dawson, S. Stipo) - 5:33
8 Both Do Fine (F. Dawson, E. Stevenson, S. Stipo) - 2:51

*Ed Stevenson - Vocals, Trumpet, Drums
*Sam Stipo - Guitar
*Fred Dawason - Saxophone, Keyboards

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adamus67 said...

Keyboardist/bass player Fred Dawson and drummer Eddie Stevenson trace their musical partnership at least back to the mid-1960s when they recorded a series of obscure 45s as members of The Fabulous Pharaohs. By 1968 The Pharaohs were history leaving Dawson and Stevenson to form Mouzakis. With an ever-changing list of guitarists, the band became fairly popular on the Delaware and Maryland club scenes. Appearances on a couple of local music-oriented television programs also brought modest popular attention, leading to a steady stream of opening act slots for name bands touring the mid-Atlantic club and concert circuit. These guys literally opened up for everyone ranging from Chicago to The Stylistics.

Released by the small British Main label (which was based in Philadelphia), 1971's "Magic Tube" is an interesting if inconsistent look at a local band clearly anxious to make it into the big leagues. Musically the set's all over the spectrum with that lack of focus perhaps intended to showcase the band's versatility. With group members writing the majority of material, the extended title track found them taking a stab at pseudo-progressive moves (bet it didn't go down too well in biker bars). A competent, but uninspired live cover of 'Rock Around the Clock displayed their classic rock credentials. Elsewhere tracks such as 'White Horse', 'Love Everyday' and 'Long Haired Bombardier' were competent rockers, somewhat undermined by Stevenson's strained voice and rather straightforward arrangements. Also worth pointing out, produced by Lee Stevenson, sonically this set's a little bit on the raw/under-produced side. The live track 'Rock Around the Clock' sounds like it was recorded in a bathroom stall.

Thx Marios!

davmo said...

I hadn't heard of this band before today. I was at a local thrift store and I stumbled on their album "Magic Tube". The cool thing is the album is in near mint condition and is autographed on the back of the album by all three members. I listened to their title track "Magic Tube" on YouTube and I like it. I think these guys were pretty good. I will listen to the entire album tomorrow.

Filldemontgat said...

Please and thanks...

Marios said...