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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Various Artists - English Freakbeat, Vol. 4 (60's uk, impressive raw rhythm and blues)

Issued in 1989 on LP, and on CD in 1997 with all fourteen original tracks intact, plus nine additional bonus cuts. The obscure mid-'60s British R&B here ranges from the generic to the truly exciting, like Thane Russal's Them-like cover of Otis Redding's "Security," and the Clique's pop-punk "She Ain't No Good," and the Syndicats' "Crawdaddy Simone," which has some of the most demented rock guitar of the mid-'60s (although the version here is of lower fidelity than ones that have appeared on other anthologies). Other highlights include the Sons of Fred manic rockabilly-R&B hybrid "I'll Be There" (with some of the zaniest guitar lines to be found on any British Invasion single) and Cops & Robbers' "You'll Never Do It Baby," which was covered by the Pretty Things. 
by Richie Unterberger

Artists - Tracks
1. Thane Russal And Three - Security - 2:41
2. Cops And Robbers - I've Found Out - 2:26
3. Cops And Robbers - You'll Never Do It Baby - 2:45
4. Clique - She Ain't No Good - 2:20
5. In Crowd - Things She Says - 1:49
6. Mal Rider And Spirits - Forget It - 2:02
7. Snobs - Ding Dong - 2:32
8. Sons of Fred - Baby, What You Want Me to Do - 2:29
9. Sons of Fred - I'll Be There - 2:56
10.Sons of Fred - Sweet Love - 2:46
11.Soul Agents - Don't Break It Up - 2:56
12.Soul Agents - Mean Woman Blues - 2:59
13.Soul Agents - I Just Wanna Make Love to You - 2:27
14.Syndicats - Crawdaddy Simone - 3:11
15.Tony Dangerfield - She's Too Way Out - 2:23
16.Wheels - Call My Name - 2:08
17.Mickey Finn And Bluemen - Reelin' and Rockin' - 2:10
18.Others - Oh Yeah - 2:53
19.Primitives - Johnny Noooooo!!! - 3:12
20.Shorty And Them - Dimples - 5:57
21.4 Degrees - Too Much Monkey Business - 2:57
22.4 Degrees - I've Got My Brand on You - 2:56
23.Stovepipe No. 4 - Pretty Thing - 3:19

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