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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Various Artists - English Freakbeat Vol. 1 (60's uk, crazed limey teens on a wyld sound rampage!)

I really want to say a big thank to my friend Cudawaver for his cooperation, and for all his hard work, it is very important to me, for this place we share here, which was created with the only aim to offer, we will continue to be here -despite all the difficulties- with consistency and dedication.

I would also like to Thank  all of  you, who stand next to us and give the support we need. Our love for music gives us strength to go far it goes

The first volume by the English Freakbeat series, contains some great stuff, among the others, an early incarnation of the Groundhogs, Ron Woods Birds, Mick Ronson's Rats, The In-Be-Tweens, a predecessor band to Slade, (discovered by Kim Fowley who was the co-writer on this song, duplicate to  "I take what I want" which was composed at the same year 1965 by Isaac Hayes, David Porter and Teenie Hodges).    

Artists - Tracks
1. Groundhogs - Shake It - 2:07
2. Johnny Neal & Starliners - Walk, Baby Walk - 2:32
3. In-Be-Tweens - Girl, I Am Your Evil Witchman - 2:23
4. Rebounds - Help Me - 2:18
5. Primitives - Help Me - 3:42
6. Primitives - Let Them Tell - 2:19
7. Beat Merchants - Pretty Face - 1:58
8. Steve Davies - She Said Yeah - 2:35
9. Loot - Baby Come Closer - 2:35
10.Miki Dallon - I'll Give You Love - 2:21
11.Chasers - Inspiration - 2:37
12.Sheffields - Plenty of Love - 2:22
13.Couriers - Done Me Wrong - 2:12
14.Rats - Headin' Back - 2:18
15.Wild Ones - Purple Pill Eater - 2:10
16.Primitives - Cara-Lin - 3:35
17.Primitives - Forget It - 2:05
18.Birds - Say Those Magic Words - 3:16
19.Birds - Daddy Daddy - 4:07

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Free Text II


sorogan said...

Yes, baby, yes !!
Thank you very much Cudawaver and Marios !!!!

billm said...

Thanks Cudawaver & Marios for this rarity.

Jamie (tacobueno) said...

Thanks very much - sounds like it'll be a cool series.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for this. I have a later volume, but none of the earlier ones, which tend to be better.

Anonymous said...

Anyone happen to know the password on this gem?

Marios said...

password: xara

Anonymous said...

No problem with the password.
Thanks a lot !


GaragePunk66 said...

For some strange reason the unarchive craps out on the 16th track "Cara Linn" for this guy. Thanks anyhow.

Berto said...

Glorious comp. Thankx.

Jamie (tacobueno) said...

@GP66: it worked fine for me. You might wanna try redownloading. Sure do miss your blog - thanks again for all your great tunes!

GaragePunk66 said...

Thanks Cudawaver & Marios for posting this collection. And thanks Jamie, re-downloading fixed the problem I had, and yeah I miss my blog too somedays.

sparkler said...

Well said Marios, and thank you for persevering during these challenging times. Also, many thanks to Cudawaver for his awesome contributions!

Anonymous said...


Kurt72cobain said...

Please Marios, can you re-upload this comp ?:) thanx

Filldemontgat said...

Marios... A hard month ... August 2012 ... :(
21 sunken treasures... at the bottom of hope !!! :)
Thank you very much.

Marios said...