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Friday, August 17, 2012

Renaissance - Turn Of The Cards (1974 uk, brilliant progressive art folk rock, Original Sire Vinyl issue and 2006 remaster edition)

The third album by this incarnation of Renaissance was a match for their previous success, Ashes Are Burning, with equally impressive performances and songwriting and a few new musical twists added. The songs here fit more easily into a rock vein, and the prior album's folk influences are gone. 

Turn of the Cards rocks a bit harder, albeit always in a progressive rock manner, and Jon Camp's bass and Terence Sullivan's drums are both harder and heavier here, the bass (the group's only amplified instrument) in particular much more forward in the mix. This change works in giving the band a harder sound that leaves room for Jimmy Horowitz's orchestral accompaniments, which are somewhat more prominent than those of Richard Hewson on the prior album, with the horns and strings, in particular, more exposed. 

Annie Haslam is in excellent voice throughout, and finds ideal accompaniment in Michael Dunford's acoustic guitar and John Tout's piano. The writing team of Dunford and Betty Thatcher also adds some new wrinkles to the group's range -- in addition to progressive rock ballads like "I Think of You," they delivered "Black Flame," a great dramatic canvas for Haslam and Tout, in particular; and "Mother Russia" is a surprising (and effective) move into topical songwriting, dealing with the plight of Alexander Solzhenitsyn and other victims of Soviet repression (you had to be there in the 1970s to realize what a burning issue this was). 

And then there were the soaring, pounding group virtuoso numbers like "Things I Don't Understand," which managed to hold audience interest across nine or ten minutes of running time. 
by Bruce Eder

1.Running Hard - 9:35
2.I Think Of You - 3:07
3.Things I Don't Understand (Dunford, Jim McCarty) - 9:27
4.Black Flame - 6:25
5.Cold Is Being - 3:00
6.Mother Russia - 9:17
All Songs credited to Michael Dunford, Betty Thatcher except where noted.

*Annie Haslam - Lead, Backing Vocals
*Jon Camp - Bass, Backing Vocals
*John Tout - Keyboards, Backing Vocals
*Terence Sullivan - Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals
*Michael Dunford - Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals
Orchestral Arrangements: Jimmy Horowitz

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  1. excelente lp, lo escuche hace muchos años

  2. This is surely one of their best albums. One of the all time great folk rock band they are and some great songs in here. Don't miss this. Great stuff as always by Marios.Ευχαριστούμε πολύ.

  3. I have this album on vinyl-I loved Mother Russia. Have not played it since the 70's though. Is there a market for this album?

  4. thanx 4 all the renaissance shares, what a voice she has :)

  5. I love Annie’s voice....thanks for posting these Renaissance albums. Will you be posting any of their late 70’s albums.