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Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Id - Inner Sounds Of The Id (1967 us, acid garage psych, 2005 issue)

Οn hand for the Pet Sounds sessions was Jerry Cole, an exceptional guitar talent who paid the rent working for Phil Spector and did his own thing as the leader of Jerry Cole and His Spacemen. Between 1963 and 1964, Cole abused his whammy bar throughout several surf albums on Capitol that merged hot-rod abandon with ultrapro chops. One of the best players in this genre, Cole punched in solos for Carl Wilson on early Beach Boys’ records.

A quick study, Cole also scored a prominent place in the development of rock, performing on The Byrds’ “Mr. Tambourine Man” when the band proved too inexperienced to make their own rock and roll history. Shortly after, Cole was playing on Pet Sounds. An ambitious man with a sixth sense for pop music trends, he pulled together some L.A. session colleagues and cut his own album: the result was The Inner Sounds of the Id, by The Id.

Recorded between 1965 and ‘66 (according to drummer Don Dexter), a massive collection of tracks was paired down to ten cuts and released by RCA in January 1967, the same month as that other Oedipal manifesto, The Doors. The album is a cornucopia of posthypnotic poetry, sitar obliggatos and, best of all, Yardbirds guitar flash blasting across a Booker T and the MGs groove with a dash of the visionary in its unexpected, deftly executed key and time changes. Cole sings in a murmuring drawl, and his riffs and solos are ear candy a go-go.

The Inner Sounds of the Id features fret board excursions that are too sweaty for sit-ins or be-ins. Freaky as Cole’s runs are, the album never strays far from the spirit of tube amps and last calls from which it was spawned. From Syd Barrett’s “Bike” to Grace Slick’s “Lather,” psychedelic is pampered and inorganic; to Cole’s credit, the Id trips in real time.
by Barry Stoller

1. The Rake - 2:01
2. Wild Times - 3:06
3. Don't Think Twice - 2:46
4. Stone And Steel - 3:40
5. Baby Eyes - 2:51
6. Boil The Kettle, Mother - 3:01
7. Butterfly Kiss - 2:34
8. Short Circut - 3:01
9. Just Who - 2:44
10.The Inner Sound Of The Id - 10:29
11.Wild Times - 2:17
12.Don't Think Twice - 2:52
13.Kimeaa - 2:50
14.Our Man Hendrix - 3:10
15.Tune Out Of That Place - 2:26
16.Give Me Some Lovin' (S. Winwood, S. Davies) - 2:33
17.Boil The Kettle (Instr.) - 3:08
18.What Else? - 2:18
19.Uh Uh Uh - 3:16
20.I Can't Stand It Baby - 2:24
All songs by The Id except where noted.

The Id
*Jerry Cole - Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals, Sitar
*Glenn Cass - Bass
*Don Dexter - Drums
*Norman Cass - Rhythm Guitar

Other Jerry Cole Releases
1967-68  With The Animated Egg - Guitar Freakout


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