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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cozy Powell - The Bedlam Years (1968-1999 uk, great classic rock, hard rock, 2009 remaster edition, 3 disc box set)

Bedlam (originally known as Beast when it formed in 1972) was a British hard rock band featuring singer Frank Aiello (from Truth), guitarist Dave Ball (from Procol Harum), bassist Dennis Ball (formerly with Long John Baldry), and drummer Cozy Powell (formerly with Jeff Beck) They did a self-titled album produced by Felix Pappalardi (producer of Cream member of Mountain) in 1973 before breaking up in 1974

This band should have just as big as Led Zeppelin The signs were where all moody and magnificent blues rock guitarist of the highest caliber in the form of Dave Ball (from Procol Harum) a rock steady thundering bassist - Dennis Ball (formerly with Long John Baldry) - vocals from a Cockney banshee Frank Aiello (from the truth tablen) and drummer Mr. Cozy Powell from 1973 debut "Bedlam" album remains a classic

Considered one of England's best drummers and a lot of demand for rock and pop Cozy Powell was almost legendary for a heavy hit style that could be done to work with many types of rock music, whether for the thundering pop productions helmed by Mickie Most Black Sabbath Emerson Lake & Powell or even his own solo work (notably "Dance with the Devil" which was a major English hit in 1973)

Powell began his professional music career in 1965 with sorcerers eventually decommissioning work with Jeff Beck after Beck left the Yardbirds in 1971, Powell formed Bedlam, but eventually abandoned this project to produce singles such as "Dance with the Devil" He later imageas Cozy Powell's Hammer, which broke up in 1975 after a brief sabbatical, he joined Rainbow helps to give the band a section thunderous rhythm before exiting after four years and four albums in 1980, always in demand for the drum seat, he alternated between session work and working in different bands, including the Michael Schenker Group, Whitesnake and Black Sabbath never staying in one band for very long

In 1996, he worked with former Fleetwood Mac guitarist Peter Green on his long-awaited comeback tour at the time of his death on April 5, 1998 he was recovering from a foot injury which had sidelined him from touring work with guitarist Yngvie Malmsteen He was driving on the M4 towards Bristol when he apparently lost control of his car (due toto bad weather) slamming into the center divider of the highway, he died some hours later in hospital 

Disc-1 Bedlam 1973
1. Believe In You - 4:02
2. Hot Lips - 4:37
3. Sarah - 3:48
4. Sweet Sister Mary - 2:52
5. Seven Long Years - 3:47
6. The Beast - 5:30
7. Whisky And Wine - 2:35
8. Looking Through Love's Eyes - 2:58
9. Putting On The Flesh - 3:55
10.Set Me Free - 4:22

Disc-2: The Studio CD 1968-99
1.1812 Thrashed - 1:36
2. Swlabr - 2:48
3. Hideaway - 3:11
4. For Your Love - 5:41
5. Stepping Out - 2:22
6. Funky Woman - 3:06
7. Ring Of Fire - 3:41
8. Munich City - 4:22
9. Hot Lips - 4:35
10.At The Gateway -3:15
11.Candy(Rainbow Over New York) - 4:21
12.Share With You - 3:36
13.Dave's Ditty For Cozy - 1:52

Disc-3: The Live CD  New York 5th March 1974
1. I Believe In You - 4:11
2. The Beast - 5:43
3. The Great Game - 4:06
4. Set Me Free - 6:29
5. Interview - 5:31
6. The Fool - 21:28

*Francesco Aiello - Vocals
*Dave Ball - Guitar
*Dennis Ball- Bass, Vocals, Guitar
*Cozy Powell - Drums
Guest Musicians
*Ace Kefford - Vocals
*David McTavish - Vocals
*Pete Ball - Organ
*Ed Welch - Mellotron
*Felix Pappalardi - Keyboards

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I must admit that I never was a big fan of this music. Maybe it's time to hear it again and see if that has changed. Thx for the opportunity.
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Excelente material de Cozy Powell. Muchas gracias