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Monday, June 25, 2012

Black Oak Arkansas - X-Rated (1975 us, hard southern boogie rock, 2020 remaster)

In 1975 BOA signed a contract with MCA and release their tenth album “X-Rated”. We’re in the mid 70’s and Hard Rock sounds more than ever at the high peeks, Jim Dandy and his band doing that they can do best, Southern high energy Rock ‘n Roll, raunchy  dirty up tempo ballads.  

From the front  cover  to the back cover the sins of Jim Dandy and his gang are everywhere diffuse, soaked with plenty of bourbon . Overall the album stands  quite well with the band tight-knit and the voice of Jim fits exactly between the music and the lyrics parts. 

1. Bump 'n' Grind - 3:55 
2. Fightin' Cock - 4:37 
3. Highway Pirate - 4:05 
4. Strong Enough To Be Gentle - 5:28 
5. Flesh Needs Flesh - 4:14
6. Wild Men From The Mountains - 3:25 
7. High Flyer - 3:00 
8. Ace In The Hole - 3:41 
9. Too Hot To Stop - 4:02
All songs by Black Oak Arkansas

Black Oak Arkansas
*Tommy Aldridge - Drums
*Pat "Dirty" Daugherty - Bass, Vocals
*James Thomas Henderson - Guitar
*Stanley "Goober" Knight - Guitar
*Jim "Dandy" Mangrum - Vocals, Washboard
*Ricky "Ricochet" Reynolds - Guitar, Vocals

The Black Oak Arkansas heights
1971  Black Oak Arkansas (Debut album)
1973  High On The Hog
1973  The Complete Raunch 'N' Roll (Live)
1976  Balls Of Fire

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kobilica said...

I really like this band and JIM DANDY'S strange voice.Many thanks...

Anonymous said...

Boy would I like to have ploughed her furrow. I wonder what she looks like today?

Sergey said...

thank you very much for this cool band!

Unknown said...

Am I missing something here? What is the password to this? Thanks in advance!

Marios said...

Pass: xara

Zoseph said...

Is the model really Misty Rowe?

Warren said...

Playboy model Daina House

Earl Kliethermes said...

Doesn't look like Daina House to me. Close to Misty Rowe but the face isn't quite right, is it?

KSHE Klassics Dude said...

Hi Marios! Can you please re-up to TB? Many thanks!

Marios said...

KSHE Klassics Dude "Black Oak Arkansas - X-Rated", updated..

KSHE Klassics Dude said...

Thanks Marios!