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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pride - Pride (1970 us, mellow folksy psyche with latin drops, Wounded Bird issue)

A lost treasure from David Axelrod – an obscure 1970 rock project, and one that's almost even hipper than his work with the Electric Prunes! The style here is rock, but the sound is very much in an Axelrod mode – quite spacious, and with this wonderful undercurrent of funk – bubbling up beautifully from the drums, and given plenty of room between the guitars in the mix, which appear to be both electric and acoustic. 

There's some slight Latinesque tinges in the guitar – very much in keeping with the barrio image on the cover, yet different than other Chicano rock of the time – and the whole album's got a really poetic feel, with lightly flowing lines that almost remind us a bit of Tim Buckley at points, but with a definite Axlerod twist. Titles include "A Hope", "The Truth", "In The Wilderness", "Proud Sorrow", and "Song Of The Pirate". 

1. Proud Sorrow - 3:10
2. A Hope - 3:05
3. Death of Juan Diaz - 3:20
4. Truth - 2:49
5. In the Wilderness - 2:34
6. Worthless Pleasures - 2:55
7. Returning Home - 3:40
8. Song of the Pirate - 2:53
All songs by David Axelrod and M.T. Axelrod

*David Axelrod - Composer, Producer
*M.T. Axelrod - Composer
*Nooney Rickett - Vocals
*Lou Morrell - Guitar
*Don Randi - Keyboards
*Carol Kaye - Bass
*Earl Palmer - Drums

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mscmichael said...

Good album dy David Axelrod. Thanks very much...

steve said...

Bravo re Marie einai diskara!!!!!

sorogan said...

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Philipp said...

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George S. said...

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kobilica said...

Very short album,but the music is enjoyable.Thanks...

ellanios said...

Great Album

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Remy said...

Thanks very much Marios!

By the way, the YouTube sample is blocked in the US. It displays a message reading, "This video contains content from WMG, who has blocked in your country on copyright grounds." I searched a bit but could not find any alternate videos.

Anatoly said...

The description is intriguing. Thank you! ))

Anonymous said...

Thanks Marios - never heard of this one but looks good. :)

Filldemontgat said...

Thank you for all!
Please re up...

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Thank you for sharing @FLAC.

Μάγια said...

Hello. I've downloaded this, but after extraction it contains only the first song. Am I doing something wrong?

Marios said...

download this tool:
it's for free, it will help you to split the one file to songs parts.

Μάγια said...

Cool, thanks a lot!