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Monday, April 2, 2012

Paul Revere And The Raiders - Mojo Work Out (1963-65 us, garage 'n' roll, Sundazed double disc edition)

In 1964, at the peak of British Invasion fervor, Columbia Records turned to the Pacific Northwest for some red, white & blue musical ammunition to fire at the invaders and found it in the form of a group of frock-coated, tri-corner capped rowdy, if not revolutionary, R&B rebels, Paul Revere & The Raiders. Fresh from the musical pressure cooker of the Northwest circuit of teen dance clubs, American Legion halls, roller rinks and gymnasiums, the Raiders were raw and rockin', ready to take on all comers with a ton of talent and a healthy dose of enthusiasm to fill in any gaps in the talent department. While the Dick Clark pop machine would eventually round off their rough edges during their tenure as the house band on the afternoon TV series Where The Action Is, the Raiders of '64 were a pounding pile of party.

Mojo Workout! is the recorded equivalent of an all night kegger. Combining the Raiders' debut album, Here They Come!, with a collection of outtakes, singles, and unreleased live recordings, this is the Raiders I knew as a young Seattle teenager, and the Raiders the country might have missed if they didn't pay enough attention soon enough. These pre-"Kicks" kids didn't have any messages to offer, or any pretensions at all. It's pure rockin' R&B, and it's terrific from start to finish. These two discs are all the party rock you'll ever need.

Excellent notes, full release and session notes and vintage photography complete the package nicely, but it's really all about the music, and the music is all about fun. Read if you will, but listen you must!
by Shaun Dale

Disc 1
1. What'd I Say - (previously unreleased) - 5:05
2. Louie, Louie - 3:41
3. Night Train - (previously unreleased) - 4:47
4. Peter Gunn - (previously unreleased) - 4:15
5. Money (That's What I Want) - 3:42
6. Louie, Go Home - (previously unreleased) - 2:50
7. Crisco Party / Walking The Dog - 6:22
8. Fever - (previously unreleased) - 4:05
9. Whole Lotta Nothin' - (previously unreleased) - 3:32
10.Twist and Shout - (previously unreleased) - 3:50
11.You Can't Sit Down - 3:51
12.Don't Be Cruel - (previously unreleased) - 3:37
13.Do You Love Me - 3:36
14.Don't You Just Know It - 3:37
15.Oh Poo Pah Doo - 3:09
16.Over You - (previously unreleased) - 2:14
17.Big Boy Pete - 2:56

Disc 2
1. Louie, Louie - 2:44
2. Night Train - 2:56
3. Have Love Will Travel - 2:32
4. Louie, Go Home - 2:45
5. Mojo Workout - 2:24
6. Over You - 2:15
7. Swim - 1:56
8. Irrestible You - 3:41
9. Comin' Home Baby - 5:01
10.Maybelline - 2:48
11.I'll Be There - 4:09
12.Big Boy Pete - 2:20
13.You Were Wrong - 2:25
14.High Heel Sneakers - 2:50
15.My Wife Can't Cook - 2:29
16.Blue Fox - 2:32
17.Searchin' - 2:36
18.Whole Lotta Shakin' - 3:05
19.Sweets For My Sweet - 2:30
20.Sometimes - 2:44
21.Gone - 1:51
22.These Are Bad Times (For Me and My Baby) - 2:56
23.Fever - 2:54
24.Time Is on My Side - 2:40
25.A Kiss to Remember You By - 2:18
26.Have Love Will Travel - (alternate take) - 2:53
27.Louie Go Home - (alternate take) - 3:23

Paul Revere and the Raiders
*Paul Revere - Organ
*Mark Lindsay - Lead Vocals
*Drake Levin - Lead Guitar
*Phil "Fang" Volk - Bass Guitar
*Mike "Smitty" Smith"  - Drums

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  1. OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    maybelline !!!!!
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  3. Absolutely excellent way to bring these guys back to my childhood memory bank! Thanks for posting, and thanks for a great blog.

  4. Marios, there's no link, can you post a re-up on hitfile? thanks

  5. wcpaeb, Paul Revere And The Raiders - Mojo Re-Working.....

  6. Marios, thanks a lot for the re-up, that was super fast

  7. This is a Fantastic Album. The Raiders at their BEST!

    I have this but my copy is in storage since the lockdown. Does this have the Booklet? Great Info in it!

  8. Oops< It Does!!!

    I misread the copy... my bad!

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