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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Northwind - Sister, Brother, Lover... (1971 uk, splendid progressive jazz rock with scattered latin shades, bonus tracks issue)

Northwind were a 1970/71 band from Glasgow formerly known as Power of Music.  Rock music was changing then and this lot were well into the melodic rock that was coming into vogue at that time.  Main feature was the twin Les Paul gold tops used by their guitar players.

We saw them three or four times. At the Caledonian Hotel in Ayr  - at least twice and an open air concert on the Low Green supported by local band Snids among others.   Northwind being hugely popular in the town though to start with under their former name they could only pull 50 or so into the Queen's Hall in 1969.   Their then set  included extraordinarily good versions of Pink Floyd's "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun" and Traffic's "40,000 Headmen" but the highlight of the night was their own "Castanettes".

So popular did Northwind become in Dunoon that they even got booked to play the Grammar School's 6th Year dance at Christmas 1970 and put on a terrific show.  Dave thinks the band also supported the Keef Hartley Band on a British tour around that time and also recalls seeing them after Brian Young had left. He had been replaced by a singer who didn't fit in - and this bloke's vocal performance on "Castanettes" is one of Dave's few unhappy memories of the group.

Their 1971 “Brothers, Sisters, Love” is a highly rated rural progressive-rock. Since its first reissue back in 1994 it has been one of the favourites of collectors of the label. Now re-mastered, it includes 2 rare bonus tracks. The band's sound has been likened to that of the twin lead guitar style of early Wishbone Ash with refined vocals. The songs are spiced with tasteful organ/piano and additional percussion throughout. Of the many stand-out tracks Quill, a loose-chugging, exquisite Osibisa-style rocker, is a minor classic.

1. Home For Frozen Roses - 3:53
2. Acimon And Noiram - 6:23
3. Castanettes (Young, Barr) - 4:59
4. Sweet Dope - 3:30
5. Bystandin' (Barr) - 3:05
6. Guten Abend - 5:52
7. Peaceful (Young, Barr) - 5:06
8. Many Tribesmen - 5:58
9. Quill (Brannan) - 4:05
10.Here I Lie Watching - 4:03
11.If The Sune Were But A Candle - 4:23
All songs by Brian Young unless else stated

*Dave Scott - Drums, Percussion
*Hugh Barr - Electric Guitar
*Colin Somerville - Organ, Piano
*Tam Brannan - Vocals, Electric Bass
*Brian Young - Vocals, Electric, Acoustic Guitar

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Remy said...

Great find. Thank-you Marios!

mukahnlor said...

thanks Marios, big one.

psychonaut said...

Totally unknown to me but I have to say that this album is a nice surprise! Thanks for posting. :-)

Hajul Ellah said...

This is rare as a "good hair day" for Donald Trump. Many thanks, Marios!

Laurent said...

A really nice surprise . This album was totally unknown for me, even if is it referenced on my book "The Tapestry of Delight" by Vernon Johnson. The original lp seems to be very rare and expensive (more than 250$ for a mint copy). Very fine record, thanks a lot for the discovery, Marios!.

muzikat said...

This looks and sounds great. Another "new" band to me but very much up my street. Many thanks, Marios. Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Sometime in the early seventies, Deep Purple were due to play the Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, with a Danish band - Burning Red Ivanhoe - as support. Stick with me - there is a point!

Purple, as was their wont, cancelled at short notice and BRI were promoted to top billing; Northwind - an unknown band - were ushered in as support.

In the event, Burning Red Ivanhoe managed to go from early evening support to turning up almost too late to play. Not that it mattered: Northwind carried the night, played for heaven only knows how many hours and brought the house down. I still have 'Sister,Brother, Lover' on vinyl.

Footnote: Deep Purple played a rearranged gig, some months later; they were (to use a black country expression) tripe.

Unknown said...

Hi great Marios! could u plz reup dl link? ( not showing links) TY

Sydney IELTS Teacher said...

It's a beautiful album, although the categorisation as 'jazz rock' strikes me as seriously misleading. I'd compare them rather to Honeybus, certainly the vocalist sounds rather similar to Pete Dello, only much less poppy.

Footnote: I'm sure Deep Purple weren't 'tripe'!

Pegla said...

Hello, would it be possible to reupload this one?

Thanks in advance

Marios said...

Pegla, "Northwind - Sister, Brother, Lover...", reblows...

Pegla said...

Thank you, Marios. For this and for Serenity.

Cheers ^_^

the420bandito said...

Great stuff. thanks for the post.