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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Gold - Gold (1969 us, amazing west coast psychedelic rock)

In 1971 Gold was one of the hottest bands in San Francisco without an LP. Bill Graham was booking them to open for 10 years After, Big Brother & the Holding Company, Hot Tuna and more. Eventually he called their management into his office and let them know that he needed bands that had an LP out with airplay. In 2002, Gold's Album "Mission Rock" recorded in '71 was released. After 32 years, finally the LP Graham had wanted to hear!

Gold, a real San Francisco band had Mission District origins in 1967. To gain attention, the band often did benefit gigs for good causes, something they learned from watching the career of Country Joe & The Fish. They played twice for prisoners at the San Francisco County Jail, and also at San Quentin State Prison. In 1971 they played at an anti-Vietnam War Moratorium rally at Golden Gate State Park which drew over 150,000, sharing the bill with Big Brother & The Holding Company. Also, in 1970 they played at a notorious Hells Angels party along with Big Brother, Full Tilt Boogie and Janice Joplin. Not only were they receiving good support from Bill Graham, but also received favorable reviews from the San Francisco Chronicle & Examiner.

The only thing holding them back during those days was not having an LP, but they did manage to get some airplay right along with Santana and The Grateful Dead from an audio cassette they had sent in to local FM radio stations.

Country Joe McDonald took a great interest in the Band and worked with them on a number of projects. he even helped them release a 45...the classic "Summertime" b/w "No Parking". The single went pretty much unnoticed, however they did receive some airplay on top 40 stations in California and Utah.

Guitarist Ed Scott founded what was to become Gold in 1967. Known at the time as The Lost Cause, featuring Larry Walton on lead guitar, they went through several names including Golden Gate, and then finally Gold (as in Acapulco Gold). As the years progressed, new members came and went. The band finally broke up in September, 1973 due to frustration over lack of finding a good label and the usual ego tripping issues that cause most bands to fall... For a garage band they actually went very far and played on some big stages with some mighty huge acts...

1. No Parking - 2:35
2. High On Love - 4:03
3. Righteous Road - 2:49
4. Summer Dresses - 2:26
5. Conquistadore - 5:16
6. Heavy - 2:48
7. Elizabeth - 4:33
8. I Saw You - 2:38
9. PSB - 5:47
10.Filet Of Soul - 5:40

*Ronald Coco -Vocals
*Ed Scott - Guitar
*Joe Bajza - Guitar
*Louis Gorseau - Drums
*Joe Mancada - Bass
*Dennis Cabral - Percussion
*Percy Nicholson - Congas

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grifftrain said...

thanks for this record. 'Gold". The sample video sounds great. i cant wait to hear the rest

kobilica said...

Amazing album,I like the guitar work.Thank you"MARIOS"

mukahnlor said...

Awesome group Marios, thanks

Tonis said...

Psyc in pure state. Thank you!

sorogan said...

Thank You very much MARIOS !!

Philipp said...

Thanks a lot for this for me unknown music!

Nazareth said...

Amazing album, excellent guitar solo,great music! Thank you, Marios!

Laurent said...

I have the "World in Sound" LP reissue - Oregins San Francisco (with repro of a rare poster of the Hell's angels party) and "Mission Rock" cd, both issue from 2002. I don't know this version, but it seems that there's tracks that i don't have. If anyone can enlighten me. The so lovely female vocals Robin Sinclair was also on the fantastic album "Salloom-Sinclair and the Mother Bear" 1968(original LP Cadet-Concept LPS 327). Sadly, no cd reissue until now. Thanks a lot Marios.

adamus67 said...

Yet another Rich Haupt/Rockadelic discovery, "Gold" is one of those projects that takes a little effort to get into. Apparently recorded and shelved in 1969, the set has a distinctive late 1960s West Coast feel to it. It's certainly not the most ground breaking LP you'll ever buy, but is kind of interesting for the decent male/female singers and it's mix of musical styles. Produced by Leo de Gar Kukla at San Francisco's Golden Gate Studios, musically the set bounces between rather convention hard rock (the crazed opener "No Parking" and "Summer Dresses"), Latin-rock influences (the instrumental "Conquistadore") with an occasional soul touch thrown in.
Thanks a lot Marios

echoes said...

Hi! There is some confusion here, yes. I also have SF Oregins and some songs appear here and some don't.
But they are Gold...

lmelis said...

Thanks Marios for sharing this gem. I have it in vinyl, but I won't say no to a lossless copy.

sonic said...

Nice one Marios. This is a gem. Your blog is amazing. So much quality.

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks, this is a great record.
Makes me think of Conqueroo - From the Vulcan Gas Co., another lost gem. Do you have that one? Thanks in advance.

Dave B

sfdoomed said...

Another true treasure. I've only heard one song by these guys before ("No Parking"), so I'm psyched to hear the whole collection. My humble thanks!!!!

Anonymous said...

great, no other comment

juan manuel muñoz said...

a lot of gold, thanks a lot

Sergey said...

thank you very much

Unknown said...

Amazing blog!!!! Absolutely the best... Thanks Marios.

Unknown said...

Thanks to all of you for your comments,very nice, for those of you that have theOregins LP, there is also a CD of it available from World in Sound and has all the tunes from this album as well. Thanks again,Ed Scott,Gold

mayblitz said...

hi Marios, could you repair this link? Thank you!!

Marios said...

mayblitz, for "GOLD" check here: