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Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band - Flowers Never Cry (1967-68 us, marvellous psychedelic rock)

Normally when someone is asked to write something about a recording group, they  find little or no difficulty in doing so. However,  this is not the case with The Mystic  Astrologic, Crystal Band!!! I say this as  the group truly is a paradox and yet everything  the name implies! Still, the group also  is Steve Hoffman due to the fact that it was  wholly conceived in his own mind originally,  (in fact one of his compositions contained  herein, "Geometry Alley" makes reference  to just such a band) and then brought to fruition  after many months of auditioning, rehearsing  and recording!!

Steve Hoffman, (the only band member I will dwell on for this, their first album)  was discovered by his Manager and Producer,  Clancy B. Grass III, in a little known  teen-age club in West Covina round 1966. At that time he simply walked up to Mr. Grass and said. "I write great songs and you have got to listen to them!  It only took one song to prove that here was  a potential "giant" as far as the recording  industry was concerned, and from that point  on the two of them have worked together to  create this album!!

It has been a long time in  the making, and yet when you listen to the  variety of songs and instruments...the approach  given to each composition individually,  etc.; you will see that it has without a  doubt been time well spent!!!  During the course of recording this album,  many people associated with the entertainment  industry, including disk-jockeys, record  company executives, motion picture producers  and so on have heard one or more of  the selections in various stages of completion  and the consensus of opinion has been that  this group has all the qualifications necessary  to become the largest, most successful  group ever to come from the U.S.A.

In fact, it  has been suggested that The Mystic  Astrologic, Crystal Band could be the "heir apparent"  to the throne currently held by The  Beatles!!! A very big statement, but listen  to Steve’s songs, hear what he has to say  and how the band says it. pay attention to  the musicianship of the group and then you  too will be saying "Why couldn't they?"...  with no reply as there is no reason why they  couldn't!!! I have been associated with the  recording industry for some time now and  having had several Top 10 hits in this country  I feel I can say to you that contained  herein are the greatest sounds ever to be put  together by an American group for more  than five or six years!!!
by Albeth Paris 

1. Factory Endeavor - 2:30
2. Early Dawn - 2:05
3. Antagonizing Friend - 2:27
4. Barnyard Philosophy - 2:06
5. Flowers Never Cry - 2:18
6. Geometry Alley - 2:29
7. October Sunshine - 2:00
8. La Vent - 3:04
9. Publicly Inclined (To Blow Her Mind) - 2:42
10.Yesterday's Girl - 2:40
11.The M.A.C.B. Theme - 2:17
12.Sunbeams and Rainbows - 2:55
13.I Think I'll Just Lie Here and Die - 2:22
14.Gaberdene Square - 3:32
15.Ah Ha Ha Ha - 2:33
16.Krystalize - 2:35
17.Today - 1:58
18.Yellow Room - 2:45
19.Authors - 3:20
20.It's Strange - 2:40
21.Only Time - 2:46
22.Oatmeal Quicksand - 1:01
All songs by Steve Hoffman

The Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band
*Steve Hoffman - Vocals, Sitar, Bass, Keyboards
*John Leighton - Vocals, Bass, Guitar
*John Moreland - Lead Guitar
*Bob Phillips - Drums, Percussion
*Ron Roman - Vocals, Percussion

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adamus67 said...

Marios whether this, rip is the same (PHROCK, I've downloaded it.. about a year ago) ... oh I remember that I was looking for a long time ... "The Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band" offers an interesting mix of psych and what you'd call a sunshine pop far more distinctive psychological edge.
Always grateful then and now for Your,efforts in sharing such great albums
many thanks

Marios said...

Thank you for your kind words,
yes it's the same, beside that the old links are down, this is codeless,
accesible to many more users.

adamus67 said...

Marios, vice - versa

Aah info largely based on the, liner notes from their debut LP.

Producer Clancy B. Grass III supposedly discovered multi-instrumentalist/writer Steve Hoffman and band (bassist John Leighton, lead guitarist John Moreland, drummer Bob Phillips and singer Ron Roman), playing in a West Covina, California teen club. The story is that Hoffman apparently approached Grass informing him that his band was going to be as big as the Beatles. That egomaniac streak didn't seem to bother Grass, who helped the band sign with Gene Norman's Carole Record label.

Hoffman responsible for writing all ten tracks, the Grass produced "The Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band" offers up an interesting mix of psych and what you'd call sunshine pop. I've seen a couple of reviews that compare the LP to The Yellow Balloon and the comparison' wasn't too far off, though Hoffman's affection for the sitar and Grass' production touches gave this a far more distinctive psych edge. Musically the collection was pretty much divided between the two genres, though Grass added interesting production touches to virtually every track - 'Early Dawn' shifted from great harmony rich pop to a weird phasing segment and then back again. At least to my ears the psychier tracks provided the album highlights. Among the more interesting numbers were the sitar propelled 'Factory Endeavor' (with an odd series of right to left and back fades), 'Barnyard Philosophy' and 'Publicly Inclined (To Blow Her Mind)'. Elsewhere 'Flowers Never Cry' b/w 'Earl Dawn' was released as a single (Carole catalog number CAR 1004).

Hoffman he also made a name for himself in the world of remastering with DCC prior to the company going bacnkrupt in 2001. For anyone interested, Hoffman has an extensive website at:

snakeboy said...

Actually the Steve Hoffman comment should have been here.

sfdoomed said...

I've grown to love this album over the years. I had a measly 192 kbps copy, so this new FLAC version is very appreciated, Marios. Thank you for sharing your incredible collection.

farfig said...

It seems that ALL linksafe links are down as linksafe seems not to exist anymore - I constantly get a redirect to a site which features a browser hijack.

So sorry I couldn't experience some of your treasures.....

Thanks for renewing old cherished memories!!!........

Marios said...


farfig said...

Many Thanks for the re-up....I am enjoying this very much!!!!...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the music ! To me this group with the -Very Interesting Name- : "The Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band" , sound more like Bubble Gum Music with a very little pinch of psychdelica .

Unknown said...

The Steve Hoffman that was in this band is NOT the same audio remastering Steve Hoffman.