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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Blodwyn Pig - Pigthology (2004 uk, fine blues rock)

Blodwyn Pig the British rock band formed by Mick Abrahams (vocals, guitars, formerly of "Jethro Tull") Jack Lancaster (saxes, flutes, violin and wind controllers) Andy Pyle (bass), and Ron Berg (drums), have released an anthology featuring re-recorded and re-mastered recordings of the band's most beloved and successful songs "Dear Jill" "See My Way" "Drive Me" and previously unreleased materials.

Blodwyn Pig in its first form was a legend in rock history hitting the top of the LP charts in Britain and elsewhere around the world. The members received new inspiration when Cameron Crow used the recording of "Dear Jill" in his movie "Almost Famous". The original BLODWYN PIG consisted of Mick Abrahams, vocals, guitars. Jack Lancaster, sax, flutes, violin and wind controllers. Andy Pyle, bass and Ron Berg drums and was later joined by "Jethro Tull's" Clive Bunker on drums.

Many bands credit Blodwyn Pig with being a huge influence at the start of their careers. One member of Aerosmith was recently quoted in Rolling Stone as saying "there wouldn't have been an Aerosmith if there hadn't been a Blodwyn Pig" and there are many fan sites across the Internet which still attest to the band's popularity.

The band played alongside Led Zeppelin, The Who, Procul Harem, BB King, Miles Davis, Janis Joplin, Pink Floyd and Joe Cocker at the Isle of Wight rock festivals, the Reading rock festival. The "Pig" completed two successful American tours playing venues like Fillmores, numerous universities and the LA Forum. Some of the recordings on Blodwyn Pig's," Pigthology" are from this period as well as later recorded songs from their first two albums.

Pigthology was produced, compiled and mastered by Jack Lancaster and Mick Abrahams.

1. See My Way - 4:28
 2. Baby Girl - 3:50
 3. Dear Jill - 6:27
 4. Monkinit - 4:40
 5. Drive Me - 2:42
 6. The Change Song - 3:31
 7. Cosmogification - 5:06
 8. Same Old Story - 2:35
 9. Hound Dog - 2:18
 10.Sly Bones - 2:10
 11.It's Only Love - 3:32
 12.Stormy Monday - 6:46

Blodwyn Pig
*Mick Abrahams - Vocals, Guitars
*Jack Lancaster - Saxes, Flutes, Violin, Wind Synths,
*Andy Pyle - Bass
*Ron Burg - Drums

Other Mick Abrahams Blodwyn Pig selected works.
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1970  Blodwyn Pig - Getting To This
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