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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Golden Earrings - On The Double (1969 dutch, 4th album, garage beat rock, 2017 remaster))

Fourth album, and first double-vinyl for the restless spirit of the Dutch Band Golden Earrings.

As the decade draws to a close, George Kooymans and his friends are slowly leaving the Mod-Beat sound , looking for more hard and dirty paths, both in sound and lyrics, of course in the musicality of the compositions there is always an essential component of Kooymans and Gerritsen, basic songwriters of the band.

In "On the Double" they are drawing the first touches of the raw sonic canvas which they will give us in the releases that will follow. The Opening Track "Songs On A Devil's Servant" begins powerfully with the guitar and rhythm section to give an impressive and imposing introduction, Angelina is a beautiful ballad that is based on the rate 3 / 4.

Changing their musical colors from song to song, placing an acoustic path by using more frequently keyboards, flute, some Strings and other wind instruments, they managed to create an exceptionally colorful musical puzzle, while throwing small eyeshots in the past, with Honky Tonky and Beat sounds.

"On The Double" will not disappoint all those who loved Earrings from their first steps, more likely some times is more exciting and makes the mood for the forthcoming releases, in which they will make a small change in their name. God bless the day, God Bless the Earring-s

1. Song Of A Devil's Servant - 3:45
2. Angelina - 3:11
3. Pam Pam Poope Poope Loux - 2:44
4. Hurry, Hurry, Hurry - 4:23
5. My Baby Ruby - 3:18
6. Judy (Rinus Gerritsen) - 1:44
7. Goodbye Mama - 3:09
8. Murdock 9-6182 - 3:12
9. Just a Little Bit of Peace in my Heart - 5:20
10.The Sad Story of Sam Stone (Rinus Gerritsen) - 2:26
11.High in the Sky - 3:22
12.Remember my Friend (Rinus Gerritsen) - 2:57
13.Time is a Book - 4:06
14.Backbiting Baby - 5:37
15.I'm a Runnin' - 3:27
16.I Sing my Song - 4:00
17.Mitch Mover - 3:00
18.God Bless the Day - 2:40
19.The Grand Piano (Rinus Gerritsen) - 3:26
All songs by George Kooymans except otherwise.

Golden Earrings
*Jaap Eggermont - Drums
*Rinus Gerritsen - Bass, Keyboards
*Barry Hay - Flute, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
*George Kooymans - Guitar, Vocals

The Golden Earrings are here:
1966 - Winter Harvest
1968- Miracle Mirror

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  1. Many thanks for all the RPM '09 exp'd remasters for the Earrings catalogue Marios! I know some of the GE links at phr*ck are no longer valid - will you be reposting them by chance? Merry Xmas to you - thanks for all you do for us - it is really appreciated!

  2. Hi maddie0147,
    please give me the url of your site, I'll take a look, if it's about the music that we representing here.

  3. Kind Marios,
    People tend to overlook the juvenile work of this successful rock band. I do rate high for early Earring's albums comparing with those of the similar style at the same time. While appreciating the fluent rock edge of their peak albums like Moontan, I kinda enjoy the neat details arranged in [On The Double] which in my humble opinion is an excellent presentation proving their versatile talent in an eclectic way.
    Many Thanks !

  4. Marios - thanks so much for the re-post and a happy new year to you!

  5. "Golden Earrings - On The Double", UpDated...