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Monday, November 7, 2011

Various Artists - Up All Night (1969-73 us/uk, 20 heavy nuggets from the golden age of hard psych)

If rocking's your schtick, and you prefer an atypically sleazy form of it a la a 70s bellbottom, cocaine sniffing sort of way then boy is this for you. If not, well, go the fuck back out west and take it easy I suppose. This collection, put out by the capable hands of bin diggers over at Past & Present, pulls twenty psych greats that essentially fall somewhere in between the hypnotic stoned levels of the Doors and the dark slaying of Black Sabbath.

None of them seem to have done much, but from the evidence herein there seems little reason other than pure bad luck. Of course any questions as to their whereabouts are swiftly resolved in the extensive liner notes, which provide mini biographies of each act. So where do the highlights lie? Well it really depends on your steez I suppose—Highway Robbery's “Fifteen,” torn apart by Rolling Stone in 1972, sounds like a crossbreed between King Crimson and the Sex Pistols, sliding between styles within seconds with propulsive energy and snotty attitude.

The Damnation of Adam Blessing, who opened for the Stooges and the Faces, present the loping groove of “Driver,” a pummeling number that keeps it garage-y and epic all at once. Dragonfly's “Enjoy Yourself” presents some serious guitar twang intermixed with a proto metal violence. Wild stuff. Especially Haystacks Balboa's “The Children of Heaven", a totally schizophrenic proggy number that's like little else to my ear. Totally a certain thing, but if you're into the thing you could do worse. Especially well suited to cruises around the street on summer nights, beer in hand.
by Henry Smith

Tracks - Artists
 1. Warm Touch - Liquid Smoke - 3:36
2. Be Good and Be Kind - Tin House - 3:39
3. Journeys - The Litter - 2:15
4. Outcast - The Finchley Boys - 2:33
5. Fifteen - Highway Robbery - 2:58
6. Gimme Some Lovin' - Euclid - 3:39
7. Driver - Damnation Of Adam Blessing - 3:57
8. Up All Night - SRC - 3:07
9. The Queen - Bang - 5:24
10. Enjoy Yourself - Dragonfly - 3:20
11. You're In America - Granicus - 4:10
12. Wrought Iron Man - Steeplechase - 4:18
13. Kingdom Come - Sir Lord Baltimore - 6:35
14. All You Have Left is Me - Jamul - 2:46
15. In the Night - The Power Of Zeus - 3:52
16. The Children of Heaven - Haystacks Balboa - 3:06
17. Persecution - Third Power - 3:26
18. Providence Bummer - Yesterday's Children - 3:40
19. Road Runner - Head Over Heels - 3:19
20. Sad and Lonely - Landslide - 3:03
All artists include here, are presented on both blogs with their releases.

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  1. Χίλια ευχαριστώ Μάριε!!!

  2. Fine Post, Marios.I downloaded it a few months ago, and there was a mistake to the track of Third Power, it's not the title "gettin' together" but instead "Persecution"( i checked on my LP).I don't know if it's the label who make the mistake,or the uploader?.Could you verify that Marios on yours?.Thanks.

  3. Thank you Laurent,
    you're absolutely right, but the mistake is made by the label, if you see in the Disc's sleeve notes it's written (twice) as "Gettin’ Together".

  4. that's what I thought, especially since I just realized that "Persecution" is also on a other compilation that i have:"White Lace & Strange"(Psychic Circle).It's not the same label,but i'm sure that behind that, there's the same guy (amateurish work).Despite that, this two compilations(you must have the other)with also fine artwork are great from start to finish,a pleasure to listen,even we already know the songs or not.

  5. Just saw the album credits from "White Lace & Strange" the compilation was done by Nick Saloman (the famous Bevis Front) and it was release two years before "Up all Night".

  6. Cool, heavy nuggets! Hard psych! All right! I really appreciate your cross-referencing the artists on the comp with further links, that's very cool. I probably have most of these tracks but I'm gonna enjoy this anyway.

  7. Thanks very much for this Marios! And thanks to Laurent & you for advising about the wrong track title.

  8. A lot of good songs on this compilation.
    A pleasure to see one of the next post will be the Finchley Boys album.

  9. Smokin' comp! Really shreds! Thanks Marios!!!

  10. oldfuzzface says"thanks for the "heavy" stuff Marios

  11. With the exception of Steeplechase I have all this songs on their albums. Any way to find something of these guys (Steeplechase)?

  12. Please please upload part 2 again on for example deposit......... thanks Piet

  13. Has the password been changed?

  14. No Anonymous,
    just checked and worked fine with: xara

  15. Thats a pity, for some reason I am not abble to extract the one flac file and he gives me a message that I have the wrong password.

    Thansk Piet

  16. Hi Piet,
    maybe who haven't complete the d/load, it happens some times when it's not completed, 255.500 and 254.932 files length.

  17. Ευχαριστώ τα μύρια Μάριε γι'αυτό το CD και οτι άλλο ανεβάζεις σ'αυτό το υπέροχο blog. Ευχαριστώ και πάλι!

  18. Thanks a lot Marios, I have other comps of Heavy Nuggets, and they are amazing too

  19. no habra una version en mp3 por alli? gracias mario

  20. greetings Marios,
    any chance of a new link for this please?