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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Listening - Listening (1968 us, skillful heavy psychedelic rock)

Michael Tschudin led the Boston-based band Listening, but it is the contributions by former Velvet Underground bassist Walter Powers and guitarist Peter Malick which make this album historic. Powers performed over the years with keyboardist Willie Alexander as members of Capitol Recording Artist the Lost, the aforementioned Velvets, and on Autre Chose, a live album from Alexander released on New Rose in Paris. Peter Malick is best known for being Otis Spann's guitarist and a member of the James Montgomery Band on Capricorn.

Their legendary status in Boston rock & roll history brings positive notoriety to the fine music on this Vanguard release. "So Happy" is the poppiest tune, a cross between the Monkees and the Mojo Men, which is quite misleading. The album runs the gamut from pop to blues to jazz. "Baby Where Are You" is some strange fusion of Motown and the Spencer Davis Group which then veers off in a frenzy of effects and musical jam. Eight of the 11 tracks are written by keyboard/vocalist Michael Tschudin, with three titles attributed to the group. "See You Again," one of the group efforts, is another jam with riffs the Who would greatly appreciate. Phish's success validates how ahead of its time Listening truly was.

There is certainly an identity here as Tschudin takes the boys through all sorts of styles inside the tune "Laugh at the Stars." Elements of Jimi Hendrix, the Band, and the Vanilla Fudge swirl around in the pretty decent production by Michael Chechik. Listening has punch and creativity which deserved a better fate.
by Joe Viglione

1. You're Not There - 4:06
2. Laugh at the Stars - 4:15
3. 9/8 Song - 4:28
4. Stoned Is (M. Tschudin, W. Powers, P. Malick, E. Kamanis, G. Moses) - 4:51
5. Forget It, Man! - 3:24
6. I Can Teach You - 2:23
7. So Happy - 2:33
8. Cuando (M. Tschudin, W. Powers, P. Malick, E. Kamanis) - 2:51
9. Baby: Where Are You? - 6:23
10. Fantasy - 1:02
11. See You Again (M. Tschudin, W. Powers, P. Malick, E. Kamanis) - 3:45
All songs by Michael Tschudin except where stated.


 *Michael Tschudin - Vocals, Vibes, Keyboards, Conga Drum
*Walter Powers - Bass
*Peter Malick - Guitars
*Ernie Kamanis - Vocals, Drums

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  1. Fantastic album. Favorite track 'Stone Is'. Thanks very much...

  2. Thamks Marios, I will indeed be listening!


  3. Hi
    Very good selections in your blog,
    Could you put CYNARA please ?


  4. Thanks a lot Marios - another new one to me.

  5. Sosgotcha,
    Cynara is also codeless, the link I've added here is redirecting to PHROCKBlog, click upon the word "here" and will access the links.
    Thank you.

  6. Briliant gem.I have only a poor copy of this album, so many thanks for this one...

  7. Thank you so much for posting this, I have been searching for a quality rip for quite some time. “Stoned Is” is such a great song, worth having just for that song alone. Again, thank you sir.

  8. Thanks great record.I had it in mp3
    so it's a good upgrade.
    Thanks for your effort and for
    sharing ,too.

  9. oldfuzzface says"thank you again Marios for sharing this wonderful album

  10. Finally got around to listening to this, and I find it to be very fine! The keyboardist is *very* skilled, and this psychedelia is distinguished by being keyboard dominated and having jazz harmonic sophistication.

  11. I also think I hear some kinship with the not-so-heavy side of Iron Butterfly--a side of the Butterfly which I like & appreciate. I'd say Listening may be more sophisticated musically!

  12. Thank you very much for this one Marios. I was in the audience when the cover photo was taken!

  13. Dear Marios, could you please re-up this album and Cynara as well, if possible. Many thanks!

  14. Anonymous, "Listening - Listening" ..reposted

  15. Amazing, thanks again Marios!

  16. Marios, I can't tell you how much I appreciate your considerable efforts to keep live links going here and at Plain. Thank you so much! :D :D :D