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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hunt And Turner - Magic Landscape (1972 uk, fabulous grooving folk rock, korean remaster edition)

Fabulous grooving folk rock sounds with plenty of atmosphere, first released by the much beloved Village Thing label in 1972. Ian Hunt and John Turner first teamed-up in the late summer of 1970, the inevitable collaboration of two of the West Country's most sought-after session musicians.

String bassist and guitarist Turner had just left the infamous Pigsty Hill Light Orchestra and Hunt, a wizard guitarist and song writer who was already a 'big-name' on the Bristol scene, was looking for a new vehicle for his talents. Both had been spawned by the legendary Bristol Troubadour Club, which Turner had run for several years, and within months the new duo was picking up fans and followers around the UK and in Europe.

This album went straight to number six in the Melody Maker folk charts upon its original release. Years later, Ian Hunt is still making stunning music and is rated amongst the finest guitarists in the land, while John Turner, ever the entertainer and entrepreneur, as well as being in his own words a "part-time rake and bon viveur," was until recently one of Britain's most respected BBC radio and television presenters.

Crystalline acoustic and electric guitars and delicious vocals, backed with electric and string bass and bongos; imagine if you will British band Magna Carta with a guitarist as skilled as Wizz Jones or John Martyn: acoustic instrumentation and strong songs.

1. Hold Me Now - 3:14
2. Silver Lady - 4:11
3. We Say We're Sorry - 4:04
4. Magic Landscape - 2:04
5. Mr. Bojangles - 5:21
6. Living Without You - 3:21
7. Man Of Rings - 2:28
8. Older Now and Younger Then - 6:09
9. Morning For Eve - 4:14
10.Rockfield Rag - 1:24
All songs by John Turner and Ian Hunt.

*Ian Hunt - Vocals, Acoustic, Electric Fuitar, Bongos
*John Turner - Vocals, Guitar, Electric Bass
*Rodney Matthews - Percussion

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War Oponda said...

Unheard of...
Thanks a lot Marios for this rarity.

space88 said...

Absolut New for me,Sounds fine.Thanks

JeanBernardFrance said...

Fine and delicate music.
Thanks for this beautiful album.

Pep Sonic said...

Thank you very much friend for another fantastic post.

uros said...

You are incredible, Marios! Where do you find all these hidden treasures! Thank you soooo many times!

mscmichael said...

New to me. Thanks very much for offering...

Miguel Angel said...

Unknown for me. Thankx a lot.

MIF said...

Thank you Marios for this beautiful album

Anonymous said...

I have the original and have just come by a turntable, so will be playing it again after many, many years...

Ozzy said...

Thank you so very much Sir!
I bearly know "the Village Thing" stuffs besides The Sun Also Rises...

chico said...

Another unknow band for me.Need a re-up.In credible acoustic guitar.

Marios said...


chico said...

Thank U Marios.Great Band here.