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Monday, August 8, 2011

The Rugbys - Hot Cargo (1969 us, garage psych, akarma remaster edition)

The Rugbys formed when all the members of the popular Louisville group the Oxfords left that band except the drummer, Jim Guest. Guest kept the Oxfords name and brought in members of the Spectres, soon releasing a good 45 on the Mala label.

The Rugbys took the Spectres' drummer, Glenn Howerton to replace Guest; the other members being Steve McNicol on lead guitar, his brother Jim McNicol on bass, Chris Hubbs on guitar and Doug Black on sax. The band's name supposedly came from wearing rugby shirts onstage.

At least, that was what I had read, but then Susan Harkins sent in this photo of the Rugbys signed by Jim Guest on the back, and Glenn Howerton's signature is not included. Perhaps the Oxfords changed their name to the Rugbys, then Guest left or was kicked out and restarted the Oxfords with new members.

In any case, their first release is this great version of a Doug Sahm song, "Walking the Streets Tonight", on the Top Dog label, from July, 1966. The flip side, "Endlessly", a ballad original by Steve McNicol, has been ignored until now, though mellow it's very good.

The Rugbys continued on until 1970 with some personnel changes, releasing several 45s and an album in a hard rock style.
Garage Hangover

1. You, I (Steve McNicol) - 2:57
2. Juditha Gina (Eddy Vernon) - 2:42
3. Song to fellow man (Eddy Vernon) - 2:20
4. King and queen of the world (Steve McNicol) - 3:08
5. Stay with me (Steve McNicol) - 3:05
6. The light (Steve McNicol) - 2:26
7. Rockin' all over again (Mike Hoerni) - 2:17
8. Lines of thought (Mike Hoerni, Steve McNicol) - 4:00
9. For A Love gone (Steve McNicol) - 3:56
10.Wendegahl The Warlock (Eddy Vernon) - 6:20

The Rugbys
*Steve McNicol - Guitar, Vocals
*Mike Hoerni - Bass Guitar, Vocals
*Eddy Vernon - Keyboards, Piano, Vocals
*Glen Howerton - Drums

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Anatoly said...

Great post! Thank you, Marios!

spaceboy5367 said...

Thanks Marios, looks interesting.

unkerz said...

Loved the single growing up.Good post.
Thank you

Mr. Clem said...

Big thanks for this one Marios. Back in 69-70 my garage band played 3 songs from this album.

ARGS said...

Lots of thanks for this Marios!!!

rantrob said...

There were only a small handful of the Akarma issues that I failed to (find) purchase. This was one of those. Thanks greatly for the tunes

mscmichael said...

One of my all-time favorite records. I enjoy this one from start to finish. Many thanks ...

Anonymous said...

Thank you Marios for sharing to us great music, very good album.

SlipperyBob said...

I loved the single from this when it came out, but I haven't heard it in years. Many thanks Marios for giving me the chance to hear it again.

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing Marios

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Nelwizard said...

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They have several albums of Akarma label!


Goodwill Hunter said...

has anyone heard the Lararus self-titled LP that was paired with this on CD? It's pretty solid, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Recommended.

chico said...

Fantastic Lp,needs to be re-up when you can.You have an incredible collection of psychedelic stuff.It's a real bible!!

Marios said...

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