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Friday, August 5, 2011

Beckett - Beckett (1974 uk, fine progressive rock with some hard traces)

Beckett Vocalist Terry Wilson-Slesser, a native of Newcastle upon Tyne, was to figure in ex-Free guitarist Paul Kossoff's solo outfit Back Street Crawler and was later hook up with Charlie. The vocalist was also known to be in contention during 1980 for the AC/DC frontman vacancy following Bon Scott's death.

Wilson-Slesser had replaced original Beckett singer Rob Turner, the previous frontman having been killed in an auto accident. Soon after this appointment guitarist Les Tones quit. The group's first major performance was supporting UFO at Newcastle's City Hall. Beckett carved out a live reputation by performing residencies at the infamous Star Club in Hamburg, Germany. Beckett , having scored the financial backing of Island Publishing, then underwent a major line-up change.

The band's 'My Lady' single was a clear flexi-disc given away free at gigs in 1974, the same year the band released their eponymously titled album, produced by Family's Roger Chapman, on the Raft label subsidiary of Warner Bros. On the live front Beckett supported the likes of Wizzard, Slade, Free, Ten Years After, Thin Lizzy and The Faces. The band performed at the 1974 Reading Festival, after which they switched labels to CBS Records. For a period Wilson-Slesser was rehearsing with Mott The Hoople musicians following Ian Hunter's exit.

The Beckett concerts with Free would ultimately lead to an eventual union between Terry Wilson-Slesser and guitarist Paul Kossoff in Back Street Crawler. Slesser was known to be in contention for the AC/DC frontman position during 1980 after Bon Scott's death. The singer also acted as backing vocalist on Def Leppard's 'Pyromania' album. The Beckett song 'A Rainbow's Gold' was covered by Iron Maiden as a B side on their 1984 hit single '2 Minutes To Midnight'. That same year Wilson-Slesser acted as an offstage singer for the Michael Schenker Group, performing on a European and Japanese tour.
The Rock Detector

1. Once Upon a Time... The End - 0:55
2. Rolling Thunder - 5:23
3. Rainclouds - 5:10
4. Life's Shadow - 6:51
5. New Dawn Chorus - 1:02
6. A Rainbow's Gold - 4:40
7. Don't Tell Me I Wasn't Listening - 5:30
8. Green Grass Green - 4:35
9. My Lady - 3:26
10.True Life Story - 5:36

*Robert Barton - Guitar, Vocals
*Keith Fisher - Drums
*Terry Wilson-Slesser - Vocals
*Ian Murray - Bass
*Kenny Mountain - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
*Tim Hinkley - Keyboards

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trismegistos said...

Σ' ευχαριστώ πολύ Μάριε.

Hotroder said...

Nice edition Marios, thanks man.

André Luiz said...

Beckett is phenomenal. Thanks for the post.

sunny15blue said...

fine band saw them live supporting free -always remember they played stairway to heaven very well and had a single called little girl that got fair airplay and was untypically very much pop.

muzicprog said...

Hi, gud but heavily orchestrat´d.
A show of da sympho-rock and wid a li´l bit of "pomp-rock" .
In dispite newly da UK rock surprizin´kindly.
Great 4 dis.
Da copy in flac replaces da old copy from vynil who rollin´in da net sum time ago.
Dank 4 dis record (four stars)

Anonymous said...

this one is new to me.thank you for sharing

Anonymous said...

Please provide new link, this one is not working. Thank you.

Unknown said...


Mick m said...

Got free my lady flexible disc saw beckett as support act glasgow apollo 1974 can't remember main act think it was wizzard .

mickwyett said...

Saw them early 70’s at Sheffield university & Black Swan.
Bob Harris tipped two bands to make it big on OGWT, Beckett was one, the other was a band called Queen !!!
If only they had stayed together !!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

the best album of beckett

RogGun said...

I saw them at 1974 Reading and remember them fondly on OGWT...still have the vinyl LP and now still sounds superb, esp Rainbows Gold...they were largely overlooked and forgotten quickly..but for me this LP was a landmark.

Michael said...

Hello Marios.

Please will you make this album available again ?

Many thanks


Marios said...

Michael, Beckett updated..

Michael said...

As always Marios, thank you for your kindness.

Please take extra special care, in this time of corona virus pandemic.

Thursday 26/03/2020, 3.18pm

Unknown said...

Was the drummer ever replaced