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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Way We Live - A Candle For Judith (1971 uk, fantastic acid folk rock from Tractor members, japan remaster with bonus tracks)

Titled for the name under which Tractor plied their trade around the time of their earliest recordings, The Way We Live is an astonishing collection of rarities, outtakes and more, serving up a stunning snapshot of this most versatile of early-'70s duos. The main attraction, of course, is a full reissue for the band's 1971 debut LP A Candle for Judith, an eight-track masterpiece that remains as electrifyingly original today as it was upon its release.

From there, the album moves on to two early-'70s oddities, "Watching White Stars" from 1972, and an alternate version of 1972's "Marie." Another 1970 cut, "One Eyed Mule," appears later in the set. But the majority of the remainder of The Way We Live tracks Tractor through their later years -- a 1977 single, "Northern City," and a clutch of numbers recorded during 2002-2003.

 What might astonish the casual listener, however, is the sheer consistency of the material, a feat that few acts, recording on either side of a 30-year hiatus, can muster. Tractor, however, pull it off, and the second half of The Way We Live emerges one of the brightest jewels in their entire catalog. The status of the first half, of course, is already assured.
by Dave Thompson

1. King Dick II -  3:15
2. Squares - 4:41  
3. Siderial - 3:51  
4. Angle - 1:24  
5. Storm - 5:24  
6. Willow -  6:28
7. Madrigal - 2:02  
8. The Way Ahead - 8:49  
9. Watching White Stars (Bonus Track) - 7:04
10.Marie (Bonus Track, Alternate 1972 Maxisingle) - 3:56  
11.Stoney Glory (Bonus Track, 2003 Version) - 2:09  
12.Let Earth Be The Name (Bonus Track) - 2:11  
13.Stairway To The Stars (Bonus Track) - 5:09  
14.Most Had Man (Bonus Track) - 2:37  
15.Northern City (Bonus Track) - 6:06  
16.The Big Dinner (Bonus Track) - 1:53  
17.Watching White Stars (Bonus Track, Reprise) - 2:22  
18.One Eyed Mule (Bonus Track, Abridged Version) - 1:35  
19.Easier To Say (Bonus Track) - 5:49  
All songs written by Jim Milne, Stephen Clayton

The Way We Live
*Jim Milne - Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, Organ, Vocals 
*Stephen Clayton - Percussion

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slugbucket said...

Nice post Marios. Thank you very much.

trismegistos said...

Ευχαριστώ Μάριο.

Complete Unknown said...

great post and really interesting choices to post. I will follow.

muzicprog said...

Hi, v´ry gud upload. this duo put his name in da sky of heavy folk prog sidelin´d FRESH MAGGOTS, JARDINE, TREES and FC.
Danks a lot 4 dis upload (and in flac 4 da japanese record! a dreamin´of recordin´).
six stars! and the BT r amazin´.
Hats off! by u.

MIF said...

The lead guitar reminds me of Martin Barre and the entire album has the same contrast acoustic - electric of the first Tull. Very interesting, thank you Marios.

Remy said...

This album didn't make much of an impression on me the first time I heard it. I gave it another listen a few days later (evidently in a more receptive frame of mind) and found it quite extraordinary. Thanks Marios!

Anonymous said...

Worst Enemy??

danilo said...

Thanks great record,great duo.

mscmichael said...

A wonderful album. Thanks a lot...

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Yes, an excellent album. Thanks very much!

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Awesome guitarist here and very good melodies.
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