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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Steve Hillage - Open (1979 uk, progressive space rock, 2007 remastered)

Steve Hillage's music really has moved with the times. We've seen him progress from the seventies sound to the eighties 'pop' to the nineties 'techno' (System 7). So if you dig that late seventies funky sound then this could be the album for you. I would place it on a par with Green, but whereas Green takes you to another world, this recording stays in this one but turns your world into a paradise.

Talking to the Sun climaxes in what I call 'aural orgasm'. How can anybody write a tune that sounds that good? This really is music to put you in a good mood. If you're feeling low, these songs just say to you, "everything's going to be alright." 1988 Aktivator is a bit out of place, being very manic, but Open is just Love. Definite Activity and Don't Dither Do It are good for getting that motivation back into your life. Then there are some more mellow instrumental tracks but very pleasant listening nonetheless. Those spacey keyboard sounds are just great. This is feel good music.
by Marty (Sydney)

1. Talking to the Sun - 5:59
2. 1988 Aktivator - 2:29
3. New Age Synthesis (Unzipping the Zype) - 8:52
4. Healing Feeling - 6:05
5. Earthrise - 8:34
6. Open - 5:17
7. Definite Activity - 4:43
8. Getting Better - 2:59
9. Day After Day - 6:19
10.Getting in Tune - 3:15
11.Don't Dither Do It - 5:04
12.The Fire Inside - 6:14
13.Don't Dither Do It (1974 Power Trio Backing Track) - 4:46
14.Four Ever Rainbow - 8:56

*Steve Hillage - Synthesizer, Guitar, Vocals
*Andy Anderson - Drums
*Paul Francis - Bass
*Miquette Giraudy - Keyboards
*Jean Philippe Rykiel - Synthesizer
*Dave Stewart - Guitar, Vocals


  1. Thanks friend, one I was missing in my Hillage collection

  2. Μάριε σ'ευχαριστώ πολύ γι'αυτό το LP, αλλά πώς γίνεται το splitting στο αρχείο? Δοκίμασα με το PowerISO αλλά δεν το αναγνωρίζει. Καμιά ιδέα? Ευχαριστώ προκαταβολικά.

  3. P.S: Για το προηγούμενο σχόλιο, Αργύρης.

  4. Μάριε, έφτασα σε αυτό το post από τους Uriel, αλλά νομίζω ότι τα link δεν δουλεύουν. Μπορείς να δώσεις καινούρια;

  5. Thanks you Marios for the new link.

  6. Thank you, but the link is dead.