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Monday, April 21, 2014

Crossroads - Southern Strutter (1979 us, good southern rock)

The Crossroads saw the first light, in the second half of the 70's, in Arkansas. In 1979 they released their first record, under the  title "Southern Strutter", this is precisely the tone of their music, sounds from the south with obvious influences, especially, by Lynyrd Skyrnyrd and Allman Brothers (post Duane Allman era, “Brothers and Sisters” etc.), there are times when the melodies have a lighter texture flirting with the mainstream.  Nice record, of the kind  that won’t dissapoint you, considering of the time it’s  released, just before the threshold of the 80’s.

1. Sowin' Our Wild Oates (K. Wheaton, J. Echols) - 4:26
2. Angel (J. Echols) - 3:57
3. Which Way From Here (B. Rogers, K. Wheaton, M. Taylor) - 3:07
4. Allison (K. Wheaton) - 3:53
5. Southern Strutter (K. Wheaton, J. Echols) - 3:55
6. Warm Day In The Winter (B. Rogers) - 3:48
7. Music On Our Mind (K. Wheaton, B. Rogers, M. Taylor, J. Echols) - 3:43
8. Soul Searchin' (M. Taylor, Bill Bradbury) - 3:47
9. Many Times (B. Rogers, K. Wheaton, M. Taylor) - 4:10

*Ken Wheaton - Lead Guitar
*Bobby Rogers - Lead Guitar, Vocals
*John Echols - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
*Mike Taylor - Keyboards, Vocals
*Wayne Winston - Bass
*Joe Laster - Drums

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adamus67 said...

The sound of the Crossroads brings a typical southern rock of the 70s, great job with the two lead guitars and some passages of keyboard and piano. More melodic and romantic moments on tracks like "Angel" and "Soul Searchin '", are very similar to other names in styles like Marshall Tucker Band and The other most "dirty" and exciting, with good riffs in the style of Lynyrd Skynyrd are also featured, as the tracks "Southern Strutter" and "Sowin 'Our Wild Oates' take turns in almost 35 minutes of this LP... Overall, a pearl that does not show anything unusual or innovative in style, but has some great passages. Recommended for fans of country / southern rock.

@Laurent my friend, all the best Happy Birthday!!!
I wish you one hundred years!!! drink at for your health!!!

mscmichael said...

Thanks a lot...

kobilica said...

I'm a great lover of southern rock,and this is a good one...

Sergey said...


Wayne Winston said...

thanks for informed comments on our $1000 one night in Dallas studio effort which sadly didn't capture how remarkable this band of misfits (coaches,band director,drop outs,furniture store owner)connected in live settings. I was blessed to own the "one room shack down highway #9 & play bass

Wayne Winston said...

sorry bout spacing errors in previous post, perhaps a mind (I don't mind) reflection?!?

Dek said...

I recently bought a test pressing of this album which I found at a local used book store in Toronto. I've just listened to it for the first time and it's pretty great stuff !! I think I'll put it up on eBay soon. Too bad there weren't any follow up albums !!