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Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Attack - About Time (1967-68 uk, solid mod freakbeat, 2006 remaster with unreleased material)

The Attack where a band formed in 1966 around singer Richard Shirman (born 26 April 1949, London). 

The first line-up featured drummer Alan Whitehead from Marmalade, guitarist David O'List (later of The Nice) and John Du Cann. Their first single "Try It" had also been recorded by The Standells and Ohio Express. They also released a version of "Hi Ho Silver Lining", a few days earlier than Jeff Beck. Richard Shirman was invited to be singer with Andromeda but he declined.

They had more energy than an H-bomb after flash, and they hit the senses and the soul with a long awaited wake up call.  Led by ex Ready Steady Go dancer Richard Shirman, aka Jivin'K. Boots (!), and future Nice guitarist David O'List, the Attack recorded four singles for Decca, plus a number of unreleased tracks and a radio session, all included here. 

A definitive collection, which includes such stand outs as - ‘Try It’ "bugged out insanity,with sexual overtones blowing the Standells version into oblivion"; ‘We Don't Know’"a tight explosion of mod-soul" ; ‘Anymore Than I Do’, a freak beat classic! Plus of course their pre-Jeff Beck version of ‘Hi Ho Silver Lining’. 

This gorgeous package by Phil Smee and with full involvement of Richard Shirmani ncludes all four Decca singles and previously unreleased material.

1. Anymore Than I Do (O'List, Shirman) - 2:06
2. Feel Like Flying (Aka Making It) (John DuCann) - 2:37
3. Created By Clive (Radio Session) (Pattison) - 2:45
4. Try It (Levine, Ballack) - 2:07
5. Go Your Way (John DuCann) - 2:45
6. Too Old (John DuCann) - 3:05
7. Colour Of My Mind (Richard Shirman) - 2:30
8. Lady Orange Peel (Richard Shirman) - 2:28
9. Sympathy For The Devil (Jagger, Richards) - 4:49
10.Neville Thumbcatch (Smith, Bain) - 3:03
11.Strange House (John DuCann) - 4:10
12.Created By Clive (Pattison) - 2:41
13.Mr Pinnodmy's Dilemma (John DuCann) - 4:27
14.Come On Up (Previously Unreleased) (Felix Cavaliere) - 2:49
15.Freedom For You (John DuCann) - 2:36
16.Hi Ho Silver Lining (English Weiss, Lancer) - 2:30
17.Magic In The Air (Aka Watch With Mother) (John DuCann) - 3:38
18.Anything (Previously Unreleased) (Richard Shirman) - 2:08
19.We Don't Know (O'List, Shirman) - 2:44

*John DuCann  - Guitar
*Richard Shirman - Vocals
*George Watt - Organ
*Alan Whitehead - Drums
*Jim Avery - Bass Guitar
*Geoff Richardson - Guitar
*Kenny Harold - Bass Guitar
*Keith Hodge - Drums
*Roger Deane - Bass Guitar
*Chris Allen - Drums
*Gerry Henderson - Bass
*Davey O'List - Guitar
*Bob Hodges - Organ

1967-69  The Attack - Magic In The Air

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