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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Barry Ryan - Sings The Songs Of Paul Ryan (1968-69 uk, attractive lovely orchestrated sunny pop, 2005 Rev Ola bonus tracks issue)

Paul & Barry Ryan were identical twin pop stars of the mid-'60s, but when Paul bowed out due to stress, Barry carried on, at least for a while, singing Paul's songs. The best (only?) known of these is the baroque orchestral pop classic Eloise, memorably covered by The Damned in the early '80s. It was a massive hit for Ryan in '68, too, selling over three million copies and completely overshadowing anything else he did. He made two albums, '68's Sings Paul Ryan and an eponymous '69 follow-up, before retiring from the biz himself. 

Stuffed full of material in a similar vein (if not quite the quality) of Eloise, both albums are well worth hearing, although it's only the former that interests us here. Opening with Theme To Eutopia, a kind-of overture to the album as a whole, as well as the obvious, it features songs of the quality of Crazy Days, My Mama and the Beach Boys-esque I Will Bring You Love, although, in truth, there's not a single clunker to be heard here.

An anonymous session muso adds overt MkII strings to the intro of Love Is On The Way, in direct contrast to the orchestra utilised on the rest of the album, making it likely it was used specifically for its sound (hurrah!), rather than as a cheap orchestral substitute. 

You almost certainly know Eloise, if only The Damned's version (which doesn't differ that much from the original, anyway), so if you'd like to hear more of the same, you could do an awful lot worse than to buy Rev-ola's Singing the Songs of Paul Ryan, 1968-69, containing both of Barry's albums and a couple of bonuses. Sings Paul Ryan's a great album.

 Barry Ryan Sings Paul Ryan 1968
1. Theme to Eutopia - 3:36
2. Why Do You Cry My Love - 3:30
3. The Colour of My Love - 2:48
4. Crazy Days - 2:29
5. Eloise - 5:52
6. My Mama - 3:51
7. I Will Bring You Love - 2:34
8. Love Is on the Way - 2:30
9. What's That Sleeping in My Bed? -. 2:20
10. You Don't Know What You're Doing - 3:35
11. Kristan Astra Bella - 2:52
Barry Ryan 1969
12. The Hunt - 3:03
13. Sunday Theme - 2:41
14. Look To The Right, Look To The Left - 2:59
15. Sunrise In The Morning - 3:03
16. Isn't That Wild - 3:27
17. Man Alive 2:28
18. Makin' Eyes - 2:57
19. Oh For The Love Of Me 3:03
20. Sea Of Tranquility - 3:22
21. I See You - 2:52
22. Feeling Unwell - 2:56
23. Where Have You Been - 3:03
Bonus Tracks 
24.Look to the Right, Look to the Left - 2:28
25.Oh for the Love of Me - 3:00

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Wow! Just wow! You're such an angel, Marios.
Actually I just visit to Phrock Blog to request this wonderous Barry Ryan stuff, but there's someone that suggest me up to this blog and ask me to request on chat, cause you're the original uploader. And it turns out before I do it, you're just post it in your blog. What an amazing thoughts.
Thank you so much for your wonderful instinct, Marios :D
Susan ;)

Marios said...

Thank you Susan (Golden Light)
-nice nick too- for your kind words,
the truth is that I'm just a humble servant of music,
yes it was in my plans to repost Barry Ryan but your request made it happen earlier.

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Thank you for the compliments, Marios.
Actually I use the Golden Light nickname, I was pick it up from Twinkle album that my mom have the LP.
Ughh too bad, if talking about that LP it just made me could only be sad. Because many of the LP collections from both of my parents were damaged, including that Twinkle LP. While when in fact I want my parents happy, which one of them with a way to buy a collection of their favorite music on when they were younger, that in recent times have been many on CD versions now.
But what can I say, my time is up, I've been settle down today, which made my time has been changed along with the family life, which makes me couldn't buy the CDs anymore as it used to when I was younger, because of the demands of day-to-day needs. And stupid me, when I was younger I like collecting such a junk's stuff and CDs only; because music that become my passion it turns out have influenced/have rooted the bands were heard by my parents a long time ago, which I should have listened to [collect] it from once when I was young.

And for some reason I don't know why my parents hid all their knick-knacks when they were young. Such as if they do not want their children is fall to follow the path of flower-power life like they once embraced, perhaps like that so LOL

Btw, in the booklet scans, is it true The Fool, the band that became extras in the Wonderwall film? My mom is asking it. Because she only ever listened to one of their songs, but at the time when she wants to buy the LP, until now has not happened so that until now she has never listened to a full one album, wondering what kind of music overall. And if it just you have it too, it's so welcome to post it, Sir.

And well said, yup, just like an angel for people like me, Marios. Thank you so much for your kindness heart :)

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Oww.. That is me. Susan :)

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Thanks for posting this awesome gem, Marios!
Indeed, in your blog I really discover lots of great musics here.
Pop Ganas.

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