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Monday, April 22, 2013

Keith Cross, Peter Ross - Bored Civilians (1971-72 uk, magnificent folk rock with jazzy drops, 2010 J 'n' S issue)

Keith Cross first band was Bulldog Breed and one year later he joined T2. Keith was hailed as the new Eric Clapton when T2 released their album It'll All Work Out in Boomland. He left T2 after a few months and 2 years later Keith Cross joined a partnership with Peter Ross. 

Peter sung and played harp for Hookfoot, he also worked with Richard Thompson. The duo separated after their album Bored Civilians was released.

Their one and only effort is a fascinating trip, unlike the title of the album you won’t be bored for a moment. It starts with mild melodic ballads and their duet magic voices , continues with more free forms, like jazz nuances. 

Acoustic folk is always the element from which stems each separate inspiration, amazing vocals and great range of top musicians, offer an unforgettable journey which you hope it will never comes to end.

1. The Last Ocean Rider (Peter Ross) - 6:56
2. Bored Civilians (Keith Cross) - 2:34
3. Peace In The End (Trevor Lucas, Sandy Denny) - 3:27
4. Story To A Friend (Keith Cross) - 11:06
5. Loving You Takes So Long (Peter Ross) - 4:20
6. Pastels (Keith Cross) - 4:07
7. The Dead Salute (Peter Ross) - 3:35
8. Bo Radley (Keith Cross) - 2:28
9. Fly Home (Keith Cross, Peter Ross) - 7:02
10.Can You Believe It – 2:53
11.Blind Willie Johnson – 3:41

*Keith Cross - Guitar, Vocals
*Peter Ross - Guitar, Vocals
*Peter Arnesen - Keyboards
*Tony Carr - Percussion
*Steve Chapman - Drums
*Brian Cole - Pedal Steel Guitar
*Sid Gardner - Bass
*Jimmy Hastings - Wind
*Nick Lowe - Guitar
*Jenny Mason - Vocals
*Dee Murray - Bass
*Lea Nicholson - Vocals
*Tony Sharp - Voices
*Chris Stewart - Bass

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  1. Truly magnificent! I catch goosebumps whenever they harmonize. Gratitude from the Philippines.

  2. very far from T2 album.
    So strange the difference between great guitar playing on T2 album and here.
    This difference made me think to Leigh Stephens playing so great guitar on "red weather" and totally crushed by horns on "a cast of thousands".

  3. I think KC moved away from guitar solos and various guitar pyrotechnics.

  4. Keith Cross was previously the guitar wizard in T2. On this album UK first pressing on Decca SXL 5129 "Bored Civilians" in 1972. He teams up with Pete Ross guitar, vocals (Richard Thompson, Hookfoot) and accompanying musicians which include:Peter Arnesen - keyboards (If, Ian Hunter, Rubettes, Daddy Longlegs, Hollies),B.J. Cole (credited as Brian Cole) pedal steel (Cochise),Jimmy Hastings - flute, saxophone, clarinet (Caravan, Soft Machine, Hatfield & The North, National Health),Nick Lowe - bass (Brinsley Shwarz, Elvis Costello, Dave Edmunds- solo),Dee Murray - bass (Elton John Band),Chris Stewart - bass (Spooky Tooth, Frankie Miller, Joe Cocker),Andy Sneddon - bass (East Of Eden),Steve Chapman - drums (Junior's Eyes),Tony Carr - percussion,Sid Gardner - bass,Jenny Mason - vocals,Lea Nicholson - concertina (solo). Unusually for a British LP of the period, it sounds like something from the US West Coast, with mellow vocals, tight arrangements and a smooth, stoned sheen to several tracks. Beautiful music, there's plenty of the Brinsley Schwartz sound there, nothing wrong with that,luscious mixture of lyrical folk-rock and harmonious rock music. It really feels good steel guitar that intersects with the acoustic guitar, drum sound is solid. I mean separation of the sound of each instrument is also extremely good, and there is depth, I can thoroughly enjoy the sound space three-dimensional natural rather than artificial, such as Roy Baker. Also long songs are endlessly played on the same refrain chord progression in the two measures, of that to hear without getting tired at all is amazing opens with the mighty 'The Last Ocean Rider' (check out the gorgeous pedal steel and long guitar solo that it ends with) doesn't disappoint particularly on the cover version Fotheringay's 'Peace In The End' and closes with the gorgeous, dreamy 'Fly Home'. I rate this album highly expensive and it's pretty rare. Immediately after the recording of this album, the duo broke up.

    Thx Marios.

  5. Nice album. Thank you very much.

  6. Another mindblowingly incredible album i never knew existed. Thanks again Marios.

  7. Thanks again for delivering the goods!

  8. Does anyone know what happened to these two musicians?

  9. Wonderful album, very smoothing, with at times a West Coast feel to the album. The cream of British session musicians. Superior early 70s albums, that you wish could the soundtrack of your life

  10. Since the day I got this album I have loved every minute of it. Incredible songs and perfect executions- not to be missed and required for collecting