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Friday, March 8, 2013

Various Artists - The Electric Asylum Vol. 1 (1970-74 uk, rare acid freakrock, Past and Present release)

20 blasts of long-forgotten British Freakrock. The Glorious British Psychedelic music scene did not cease to exist at midnight on December 31st 1969, it took on the previous decade with furore, new gadgets and studio gimmicks, but with some of the same key players. 

From the hard and loud sound of J.C. Heavy, Rainbow Family and Steel Mill to the sublimely bonkers Asylum, Monsoon, Mighty ‘Em and Galahad interspersed with spoonfuls of Psychedelia, Doom and Acid Rock.

Artists - Tracks
1. Mighty 'Em - Jekyll & Hyde - 3:23
2. Asylum - Suzy's Back - 2:36
3. Iron Horse - Magic Love - 3:04
4. Monsoon - Night Of The Fly - 3:01
5. Galahad - Rocket Summer - 3:06
6. J.C. Heavy - Is This Really Me - 3:12
7. Rainbow Family, The - Travellin' Lady - 2:49
8. Puzzle - Do You Feel The Pain - 2:48
9. Grumbleweeds, The - In A Teknicolor Dreem - 3:44
10.Explosive, The - Hey Presto, Magic Man - 3:05
11.J.C. Heavy - Do What You Like - 3:15
12.Choc - The Devil - 3:07
13.Danta - Queen Of Sheba - 4:17
14.Vincent Crane's Atomic Rooster* - O.D.- 3:19
15.Renegade - Never Let Me Go - 2:34
16.Satisfaction - Love It Is - 3:01
17.Audience - Eye To Eye - 2:33
18.Steel Mill - Get On The Line - 4:17
19.Kirk St. James - Tears I Cry3:55
20.Legs - So Many Faces - 2:54

The Past and Present compilations
60-70's  Floor Filler Killers / New Directions Vol. 3
60-70's  Mind Expanders Vol.2
1967-74  Psych Bites Vol.1
1968-74  Psych Bites Vol.2
1969-73  Up All Night

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Sean said...

JC Heavy track is amazing, can't wait to hear the rest of this compilation. Thank you!

Hajul Ellah said...

Tracks 13 - 20 are damaged or am I the only one with the faulty files.
A nice update though! Thanks, Marios.

Marios said...

Hajul Ellah,
yes there's a problem with track #13, even if I spend some time trying to fix it, couldn't make it, I try again and if I it's only in my copy and will work, I'll add it.
Thank you.

Senhor X said...

I think this was ripper from an invalid CD. Anyway, interesting music.

DanP said...

I'm really interested but how much of this is flawed? Is it just track 13 or 13 -2o? Thx!

Marios said...

...repaired... everything is ok now...

mscmichael said...

Thanks very much...

Hajul Ellah said...

How clever and thoughtful to re-up the 13 - 20 tracks in one link! Many thanks, King Marios!

Valladão said...

I have this in a low bitrate versions that is, also, missing the third track. I'm glad I decided to search a bit more for this comp, now I have a great sounding FLAC and all those scans with liner notes.

Long live the king! Thank you Marios.

PS: Reading other's comments I was a little uncertain about the download, so, if you're too, here's the deal: Not only Marios uploaded the 13-20 tracks for those who had previously downloaded, he also re-uploaded the whole album - that is, if you download the 3 part archive you'll have the real thing right there with no errors.

Odinson said...

thanx 4 share :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Marios,

please could you re-up part2 ?

Thanx in advance!


Marios said...

Tonythefunkiest, "The Electric Asylum Vol. 1", updated!!!