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Friday, March 1, 2013

The Unspoken Word - The Unspoken Word (1970 us, splendid psych blues rock, Wounded Bird edition)

Largely unknown group from Long Island, New York. After their debut that could be described as folk rock with a psychedelic edge, the 2nd record is definitively more rock/blues orientated.

The harmonies of Dede Puma and guitarist Zenya Stashuk still sport a Jefferson Airplane-style vocal blend, and R’n’B-flavored sound of Pacific Gas and Electric. Puma's vocals lean closer to the cool, vibratoless style of Grace Slick than the soul/blues ululations of Janis Joplin. The guitar and organ riffs often bear a distortion-laden crunch that nods to the burgeoning hard rock scene of the time. Nevertheless, the things that served the band in good stead on its first album - strong harmonies, tight playing, and a solid sense of structure - still shine through here.

1. Pillow - 2:42
2. Sleeping Prophet - 3:04
3. Put Me Down - 2:34
4. Personal Manager (Albert King, David Porter) - 9:40
5. Reincarnation (Chuck Berry) - 1:49
6. Sleepy Mountain Ecstacy - 4:02
7. I Don't Need No Music - 2:44
8. Little Song - 2:28
9. Healthy, Wealthy And Wise - 2:38
10.Around And Around - 5:19
11.Morning - 1:50
All songs by Granlegede Bupumacstasin except where noted

The Unspoken Word 
Zenya Stashuk - Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Dede Puma - Vocals
Greg Buis - Bass,  Vocals
Les Singer - Drums
Angus Macmaster - Keyboards

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Philipp said...

Thank you very much for this album, Marios!!!

juan manuel muñoz said...

muchas thanks

Pierre said...

thanks for this one, unaware they did a 2nd album, great way to spend a sleepy saturday afternoon. cheers from the land of Oz.

sorogan said...

Thank you very much,Hotroder and Marios!!!

kobilica said...

Big surprise to me.This is a killer gem.Many thanks...

Laurent said...

Not essential, but very good album in my memory ( i have the original LP on Atco ref. SD 33-335, US press ). They have made a previous album: "Tuesday, April 19 th" ( i don't know it ) that it supposed to be better and more psychedelic-folk rock. Thanks Hotroder and Marios for the memories.

adamus67 said...

Probably from the East Coast, as their both albums were recorded in New York, home of the Ascot Label. Produced by Tony Michaels and Vinny Gormann and engineered by Warren Schatz, their first album TUESDAY, APRIL 19th (Ascot AS 16028) 1968 is basically folk-rock with a hint of psychedelia with Waking Up one of its finest moments. A truly beautiful album - it's worth checking out for fans of this genre. All their songs were penned by the group.
Released two years later and produced by Shel Kagan, the second album THE UNSPOKEN WORD (Atco SD 33-335) 1970 is heavier and more rock-blues in style, but still contains some good tracks: Sleeping Prophet, Personal Manager (an Albert King cover) and Sleepy Mountain Ecstacy. The voice of Dede Puma, their female singer, is still really impressive.

In 1972, Gene Stashuk played cello on Bonnie Raitt's Give It Up album. The other members apparently vanished from the music scene.

Thx Hotroder & Marios.

muzicprog said...

excelent upload, near to WC far away (4 gud IMHO)of JA and all dose clones.
Hats off!

Tommy Duque said...

Thanks Marios, I just learned of this band through their first album. Excellent!!

Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot!

winston smith said...

marios could you please re up

Unknown said...

I played drums with the band in late '70, early '71. The music was great and Gene and Dede were two of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet.