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Saturday, February 9, 2013

No Dice - 2 Faced (1979 uk, hard 'n' roll, us Vinyl issue)

No Dice return to record their second LP (with Munch Moore now firmly ensconced on keyboards) -  a rock opus done on the Rolling Stones mobile on location and mixed in New York entitled ’ 2 Faced’. The music press hate it - and them. How dare they perpetuate the heresy of playing unfashionably well, writing tunes and having fun?? 

Everybody starts to jump ship - Chris leaves at the end of the tour and now management and     record co’s are suffering from frozen feet. No Dice sail on alone picking up new hands on guitar     (Frankie Hepburn) Saxophone (Jakko). Spinal Tap drummer-syndrome affliction sees TonyFernandez     and John Richardson pass through the rhythm seat. 

Independently released singles (‘How About You/ No conversation’ and ‘One More Night/ There goes another Girl’) and an aborted 3rd album fail to dig the Dice out of the hole of ‘nearly were’  and the band fold at a final show in the legendary Marquee Club in Wardour Street in 1982 (or was it 83?). 

1. Momma Do Stop Your Children Watching What Your Momma Do (Palmer) - 3:30
2. Shooting In The Dark (Martin) - 3:06
3. I Keep It To Myself - 3:47
4. Angel With A Dirty Face (Martin, Holmes) - 4:09
5. No Stone Unturned - 3:27
6. Come Dancing - 6:05
7. If You Had Nothing - 5:50
8. Bad Boys - 2:29
9. Upt Up 'n' Left Me - 5:35
All songs by Gary Strange except where noted

No Dice
*Roger Ferris - Vocals
*Dave Martin - Guitars
*Gary Strange - Bass
*Chris Wyles - Drums
Additional Musician
*Dave Moore - Keyboards

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adamus67 said...

One of the less known bands and one of the better...from that period 79' they combined balance of crunchy hard rockers smooth ballads progressive hard rock,duel guitar and organ hammond ,powerful bass,sophisticated drums..damn good, Rock 'n' Roll vocalist Roger Ferris has a classic rock voice with plenty of rasp and power.. whiskey soaked cry!

@Lamz633:Thanks for the sharing No Dice put out two albums.

Perto said...

Thank you for this 2 albums fron No Dice. Very good in my opinion.

Sergey said...

Excellent album! Thanks a lot!

chico said...

"No Dice 2" out of control.Thanks for re-up.

Marios said...

No Dice - 2 Faced 1979...Re-Up.....