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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Country Joe McDonald - War War War (1971 us, brilliant protest folk painted with traditional colours, Akarma limited edition)

The Canadian poet Robert Service, is best know for his poem "The Ballad of Yukon Jack"; but his most striking collection of work is contained in the small book of poetry published after the Great War (World War I) ~ "Rhymes of A Red Cross Man". 

Service was in the ambulance service during the War and this collection of poems put to music represent the experiences he had while serving in France. Each one of them is evocative of an era, a time that few alive today can understand. Perhaps best illustrated by the film version of "All Quiet On The Western Front" the horrors of trench warfare cannot be described to the young people of today. 

Service had a way of talking about situations that in many ways is very much in keeping with late 20th century writing- -the indirectness of "The Man From Athabaska" and the directness of "Jean Desprez" illustrate best the style made more popular by "Yukon Jack" and his poems of the Northwest Territories. "Jean Desprez" was performed in 1971 on the BBC's "Late Night Lineup" in a show that also featured Mick Jagger. We had a copy of the performance, but it was lost. 

The album has been a modest underground favorite for many years. It reissue by One Way a few years ago sold out its pressing run.
by Bill Belmont, Berkeley, June 2001

1. Foreword - 4:39
2. The Call - 2:35
3. Young Fellow, My Lad - 3:47
4. The Man From Athabaska - 6:28
5. The Munition Maker - 4:22
6. The Twins - 1:53
7. Jean Desprez - 9:48
8. War Widow - 2:02
9. The March Of The Dead - 6:27
Music composed by Country Joe McDonald,
based on poems written by Robert Service

*Country Joe McDonald - Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Footstomping, Harmony Vocal, Tambourine, Organ

Country Joe discography
1965-71  The First Three E.P's
1967  Electric Music For The Mind And Body
1967  I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die
1968  Together
1969  Live! Fillmore West
1969  Here We Are Again
1970  CJ Fish
1970  Tonight I'm Singing Just For You
1971  Hold On It's Coming

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  1. Thanks Marios! Much appreciated.

  2. This is title 3 of 4 from the 2001 Akarma box. Can 'Paris Sessions' be far behind? :-)

  3. Μαριε εισαι ανεπαναληπτος,αυτον τον δισκο δεν τον ηξερα καθολου,και ακουγοντας το δειγμα απο την αναρτηση σου πρεπει να ειναι καταπληκτικος.Σου χρωσταμε παρα πολλα εμεις που μορφωνομαστε μεσα απο τις αναρτησεις σου.Σε ευχαριστω παρα πολυ

  4. Αγαπημενος οπως και οι αλλοι δισκοι του C.J τον εχω βυνιλιο και ποτε ποτε
    τον ακουω.Γεράσαμε ομως..

  5. truly a lost classic. i had the vinyl long ago and have been looking for it ever since...
    spare lean production and a special clarity, an intensity that i wish joe had on other recordings...

  6. I got the vinyl version in the States in 1972 and have recently (2014) got both CD versions.

    I remember watching Country Joe perform on Late Night Lineup and thinking how good the performance and song 'The Ballad of Jean Desprez' both were.

    I thought I may have recorded it but on which tape is it ??

    If it ever turns up ...

  7. hi Marios, the 'Free Text' link is broken. (gives account suspended). Any chance of a 're-upload' of this? Thanks.

  8. hi Marios, the 'Free Text' link (on the 'War War War' blog page) is broken. (gives account suspended). Any chance of a 're-upload' of this? Thanks.
    (repost/edit of this comment, but with an active 'jp' id)