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Monday, October 1, 2012

Wishbone Ash - Tracks (1972-2001 uk, live recordings of great classic songs, 2001 double disc release)

'Tracks' is a collection of rare versions of some of Wishbone Ash's best loved work, along with some seldom heard gems and surprises. The revolving Wishbone line-up is well presented with all the usual suspects. The music selected for this album treats the listener to exciting live versions of classic songs that have contributed to a legacy, that is uniquely 'Wishbone'. 

The airing of this archive material, gives us a backstage pass, shedding a new light on a great British band's stage performances, both from years gone by, right up to the year 2001. Raw and unadulterated, check out the inimitable twin lead sound that blazed a trail for many others, who have often tried, but never improved on the original blueprint laid down by this British original in late 1969.

Disc 1
1. Tangible Evidence - 4:05
2. Front Page News - 5:32
3. Lifeline - 7:00
4. Living Proof - 5:53 
5. Anger In Harmony - 4:33
6. Queen Of Torture - 3:13
7. Insomnia - 6:50
8. Wings Of Desire - 3:34
9. Ballad Of The Beacon - 4:10
10. Strange Affair - 5:13
11. Outward Bound - 3:45
12. Warrior - 5:34
13. Keeper Of The Light - 4:09
14. Why Don't We - 7:47

Disc 2
1. In The Skin - 5:51
2. The King Will Come - 6:58
3. Persephone - 3:41
4. Standing In The Rain - 6:49
5. Throw Down The Sword - 6:01
6. Way Of The World - 10:23
7. You See Red - 6:16
8. Number The Brave - 5:44
9. Everybody Needs A Friend - 6:03
10. Master Of Disguise - 3:42
11. The Ring - 4:37
12. No More Lonely Nights - 6:23

Wishbone Ash
-Former members-
*Andy Powell - Vocals, Guitar
*Ted Turner - Guitar, Vocals (1970-73, 1987-94)
*Martin Turner - Bass, Vocals (1970-80, 1987-91, 1995-96)
*Steve Upton - Drums (1970-89)
-other members-
*Laurie Wisefield - Guitar, Vocals (1974-85)
*Jamie Crompton - Guitar, Vocals (1985-87)
*Roger Filgate - Guitar, Vocals (1995-96)
*Mark Birch - Guitar, Vocals (1997-98)
*John Wetton - Bass, Vocals (1981)
*Trevor Bolder - Bass, Vocals (1982)
*Mervyn Spence - Bass, Vocals (1985)
*Andy Pyle - Bass, Vocals (1985-87, 1992-94)
*Tony Kishman - Bass, Vocals (1996-97)
*Bob Skeat - Bass, Vocals (1998-)
*Ray Weston - Drums (1991-94, 1998-2006)
*Mike Sturgis - Drums (1995-97)

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  1. Hi Anonymous,
    What is your question precisely?

  2. Hi!
    Just heard them playing a week or so ago. They are still great, I really enjoyed the concert. I just didn't like the "new" version of Phoenix.
    Thx for this one, looking forward to hear it.

  3. LOVE yer blog, thanks you for high-quality FLAC, and a fantastic music selection. So many gems here. I knew Morley Gray from the Phroc blog, sadly gone.

  4. Wishbone Ash has a large group of loyal fans around the world. In 1970, the first British band signed to American label MCA, and then it was referring the success, winning one plebiscite after another is one of the more prolific rock bands to carry the flame for it's namesake. Maintained by original member Andy Powell from WBA's origin through the present time, and continuing the righteous forward march of a great band.

    The heart of Wishbone Ash is in their live performances. If you're a fan, then you remember the stunning "Live Dates". "Live Dates" is one of the most intense live performances ever pieced together into an album. With "Tracks", you get another live document, following WBA through history with a varied collection of their material. Burning rock, smoking blues, and exquisite arrangements of their songs, combined with the world class instrumental expertise of the band's original members on through to their present lineup.

    What makes this disc different is the passage of time. And like fine wine, the tracks on these discs have aged well. The presented songs are culled from a collection of shows dating as far back as 1972 and climbing to 2001. Every song chosen is representative of the period it was fresh in. But fresh is a concept that revolves in Wishbone Ash. There are songs that are old but replayed by newer members. An example is "Ballad of the Beacon", a personal favourite of mine from "Wishbone Four", that sends chills (still) when I hear the newer arrangements Andy adapted to the song. Another, "Everybody Needs A Friend", a song from 1973's "Wishbone Four", is as effective in this 1999 version as it was then.

    The set, consisting of 2 CDs, contain strong selections. You see a song from virtually every significant Wishbone Ash release and played with the expressive quality and purity that you have come to expect of WBA. This collection is an absolute necessity. Because Wishbone Ash is still an entity that lives and breathes, fires fanned by the undying creative genius of Andy Powell, we continue to be gifted with quality material that is only a wispy dream to many other bands' fans.

    "Tracks" is no "Live Dates" but it doesn't mean to be. It is a pot of gold must have for all fans of the group! huge portion of previously unreleased live recordings from different periods of the band,that Andy chooses to share with his fans. It is a celebration of WBA history. "Tracks" allows us access to a long and beautiful road much like the yellow brick road in Oz. On this road, we can listen to that history and be thankful to Keeper of the Light, Andy Powell, for being such a fan of his audience.
    Thx Marios!

  5. Hi thanks great posts, awesome collection of tracks, can you posts Live dates volume II, thanks in advance. Also thanks for your greeat job on the blog.