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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mayfly - Mayfly (1973 holland, marvelous progressive folk rock, rare korean remaster)

It takes a Korean label to reissue one of the best Dutch albums ever! Mayfly was a progressive folkrock unit from the town of Bergen. In the period '72-'74 they released a couple of singles and this utterly tasteful (and now highly collectable) LP through Ariola Records. 

The album includes beautiful tracks, with equally fine arrangements (Left Banke- and Montage-fans, check out the exquisite cello and violin parts!), s.a. the superb single 'Topless Bertha' and the wonderful 'Symptons Of Summer', which is also featured on the compilation 'Dutch Rare Folk'. A fascinating reissue!

1. From Now On - 4:46
2. Symptoms Of Summer - 3:50
3. Dawn Of An Old Man's Life - 3:12
4. The Smell Of It - 3:09
5. Lemoncake - 4:15
6. The Stable - 3:08
7. Intermezzo (Onno Verburg, Arie De Geus) - 1:07
8. Secondhand Dream - 3:36
9. Blue Sofa - 3:01
10.She Leaveth Me - 3:09
11.Topless Bertha - 3:32
All Music written by Gustaaf Verburg, all Lyrics by Ide Min except where noted.

*Maarten Min - Vocals
*Gustaaf Verburg - 6-String Acoustic, Electric Guitars, Electric 12-String, All Lead, Slide Guitar, Piano, Vocals
*Onno Verburg - 6-String Acoustic, Electric Guitars, Acoustic 12-String, Spanish Guitar
*Arie De Geus - Electric, Acoustic Violin, Electric Piano
*Rinus Groeneveld - Flute, Sax
*Huub Nijhuis - Cello, Bass Guitar
*Ide Min - Demo Recordings

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Lumix said...

I've been following your blog for a long time, dear neighbor! You share really excellent and rare albums. Thank you very much ...

and a great album again!..

Hajul Ellah said...

This makes Rockasteria the best blog around. Thanks, Marios.

juan manuel muñoz said...

muchas gracias, excelente.

Anonymous said...

many thanks

kobilica said...

Simply, wonderful album.Many thanks...

echoes said...

Have spent two weeks in hospital, and one of the things I am looking forward after my return home is to discover all the treasures that have been posted here during my absence.
One of them is already this one, Mayflower.
Thx and I'm glad I'm back...

Marios said...

I wish you quick recovery.

Meco said...

Thank you for this. Very good. I love this site.

aldo said...

I got their Blue Sofa 45 about 15 yrs ago...found it very cheap and it was a nice surprise.
the album is WONDERFUL with a lot more acoustic, folky stuff than the single which is great and reminds a bit of the Kinks or bands like the Honeybus.

Keith Urbandet said...

Wow, amazing upload. This is one of my favourite albums... Only have a pretty bad vinyl rip in mp3 format now so this is more than welcome!

kenrub said...

Thanks! Brilliant post!

Anonymous said...

This is a great album. Truly a psych masterpiece. Thank you for this great quality lossless copy.

My favorite blog comes through yet again with great music.

I am still looking lossless copies of these two albums should you happen upon them.

Tucker Zimmerman - Ten By Tucker Zimmerman

Wilburn Burchette - Opens The Seven Gates Of Transcendental Consciousness.



Daniel said...

Another wonderful album, absolutely unknown to me. Thanks a lot for this, Marios

Psyclist said...

I had this lp, but haven't heard it in years... thx Marios:)

Anonymous said...

So many thanks for this and other gems - absolute gems - this blog is so good

mclehast said...

I got great pleasure from this excellent music, fine arrangements and some mystery as a veil over the face of a beautiful unfamiliar woman.Спасибо!(Thanks!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much. Looking forward to hearing it.

atailadecampoo said...

Thank you very much Marios, I just discover your wonderfull blog looking for this amazing record that I had long,long time ago, and till I get a copy on vinyl (they are so spensive¡¡¡¡)will enjoy this flac copy so well done. For me it´s a masterpiece, a must have. Thanks again. Greetings from spain.

Sergey said...

Thank you very much

Anonymous said...

A masterpiece , an absolute gem,and i love Montage
Can't wait !
Thanks Rockasteria!

Plankg said...

The link is down-
Can you repost ?
Very thanks

Unknown said...

links doesn't work, could you please re-upload?

Plankg said...


Pierre X said...

Marios, I have learned so much from you. I am very grateful. I thought I knew a lot. You have shown me so much more. Which brings me to hope that I still know nothing. Times ago, my son told me that his friend at school said his dad knew everything. I answered with Greek philosophy and got my baby boy very disappointed. Now, he understands. I myself still feel I need to know so much more. Could you kindly .....ReFly....., Mayfly. And even if this is not possible, thank you very much!

Marios said...

Unknown thank you very much, Mayfly reposted!

Freewheelin' Weedy said...

Viva Marios!

pierrelanguedoc said...

Another good group ruined by a shit vocalist!