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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Various Artists - Lovin’ Fire 20 Obscure Gems (1969-74 uk, europe, psychedelia melts into the progressive, Psychic Circle)

As the ‘60s gave way to the ‘70s, it wasn’t just fashion that was in a frenzied state of flux. Music, too, was undergoing a seismic transformation. Just as the raw approach of early ‘60s beat had given way to the more refined style of Psychedelia, so this genre found its self rudely elbowed aside by the more bombastic sounds of the emerging “progressive” movement, with its emphasis on experimental time signatures and complicated chord structures. 

By late ’69 Prog was becoming established as the prevailing musical genre, a position it was to occupy until the birth of punk later in the decade. This compilation comprises 20 tracks, previously (to the best of our knowledge) un-comped on CD, from Prog’s early days when it was still an underground phenomenon. We’ve enjoyed tracking these relatively unknown diamonds down and hope that you have an equally rewarding time listening to them.
Nick Saloman

Artists - Tracks - Composer
1. Silence - Mother’s Game (Weeda, Putter) - 2:23
2. Ray Owen’s Moon - Talk To Me (Gardner) - 5:02
3. Ipsissimus - Lazy Woman (Oliver) - 3:28
4. The Warm Sensation - The Clown (Kerr, Carter) - 2:16
5. Pacific Sound - Thick Fog (Page, Meyer) - 2:32
6. Apartment 1 - Fuzz Buzz (Dale, Van Der Sande) - 2:53
7. White Mule - Looking Through Cat’s Eyes (Flood, Page) - 3:04
8. Left Side - Mama, You Said The Right Words (De Koelewijn) - 4:24
9. Mayroc - Lovin’ Fire (Watts) - 2:47
10.The Exchange And Mart - I Know That I’m Dreaming (Cooper) - 2:51
11.The Royal Servants - Work Part II (Nottrodt) - 5:22
12.Custer’s Track - On The Run (Saunders) - 2:45
13.Rainbows - New Day Dawning (Howells, Cure) - 2:49
14.The Locomotive - Movin’ Down The Line (Miller, Spence) - 2:44
15.Andromeda - Rainbow Chasing (Morgan, Greedus) - 2:42
16. Whichwhat - Parting (Young, Savage) - 3:27
17.The Influence - Driving Me Wild (Herrington) - 3:16
18.Children - Piece Of My Heart (Berns, Ragavoy) - 3:16
19.Hunter - Some Time For Thinking (Hunter, Spear) - 3:09
20.Paul Nicholas - Lamp Lighter (Beuselinck) - 1:58

Psychic Circle compilations
1966-72  With The Sun In My Eyes
1968-72  White Lace And Strange
1968-72  The Room Of Loud Sounds
1964-69  Realistic Patterns Orchestrated Psychedelia
1965-69  Wednesday Morning Dew 
1965-70  The Electric Coffee House 
1965-70  The Golden Road The Electric Coffee House Vol.2
1969-74  Blow Your Cool: 20 Prog Psych Assaults

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  1. Thank you very much Cudawaver and Marios !!

  2. Another very fine compilation from UK. Some groups are known to me, others none (mostly the 45's).
    Many Thanks for the sharing, Cudawever and Marios.
    PS: i much appreciate your good work for the scans. it's rare enough to specify.

  3. Thanks a lot Cudawaver & Marios for this wonderful sampler!

  4. Ok cool, another Psychic Circle comp, thanks again! Hi Cudawaver!

  5. Thanks for posting all these Psychic Circle comps. I'd like to buy them but the imports are way too expensive.

  6. Would you mind posting this on again? the link no longer works. Thanks you.

  7. Anonymous, "Lovin’ Fire 20 Obscure Gems ", reposted...