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Monday, July 2, 2012

Various Artists - Fading Yellow - Vol. 3 (1965-69 us, 22 Shiny Jewels Of Pop-Sike And Other Delights)

Third volume of this great series focuses on US-released pop-sike covering the period 1965 to 1969. Includes many buried treasures including Robbie Curtice's "When Diana Paints The Picture", Eddie Hodges' "Shadows & Reflexions" (later covered by The Action), The Chicago Loop (including Mike Bloomfield and Barry Goldberg pre-Electric Flag) and both sides of the rare single by 10 year old Mark Radice! Fantastic compilation that no 60's collection is complete without. Similarly limited to 1000 copies only.

Artists - Tracks
1. Eddie Hodges - Shadows And Reflexions - 2:57
2. Michael And The Trees - Show You Love Me - 2:25
3. Wiggs Of 1666 - It Will Never Be The Same - 2:17
4. Giant Jellybean Copout - Look At The Girls - 2:35
5. Network - The Boys And The Girls - 2:56
6. Saturday's Photograph - Gentle Lovin' San Francisco Man - 2:57
7. Mark Radice - Save Your Money - 2:39
8. Mark Radice - Wooden Girl - 2:59
9. Voyage - One Day - 2:35
10. River Deep - Shelley Tell Me Why - 2:12
11. Springfield Rifle - Left Of Nowhere - 3:17
12. Lamp Of Childhood - First Time, Last Time - 2:53
13. Trolley - Toy Shop - 2:32
14. East Side Kids - Take A Look In The Mirror - 2:05
15. London Phogg - The Times To Come - 2:59
16. Carnival - I'm Going Home Tomorrow - 2:05
17. Gaitley And Fitzgerald - Seance Day - 2:20
18. Scandal - Girl, You're Goin' Out A My Mind - 2:32
19. Robbie Curtice - When Diana Paints The Picture - 2:47
20. Chicago Loop - This Must Be The Place - 2:31
21. Saturday's Photograph - Summer Never Go Away - 2:08
22. Cadaver - Haven't Got The Time - 2:22

Fading Yellow series..
1965-69  Vol.1 - Timeless Pop-Sike And Other Delights
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JeanBernardFrance said...

Thanks for this great collection.
A box like Rubble would have been nice.

My rapidshare works everywhere but strangely not here ?.
Am I alone to have this problem.

wcpaeb said...

Thanks for vol. 3 it's nice to have an upgrade over my MP3 copy.

I downloaded this using Rapidshare and had no problems tho for a while now Rapidshare is really slow so expect it to take at least an hour to download part 1 and an hour or more for part 2 as well.
Also, it seems quite normal for it to stall out a number of times before the whole file is downloaded so you will have to be patient.
I would try it again if I were you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much.

Unknown said...

The password you provided doesn't work? what a pity. I've been trying to download this for three days. Please, what is the password for this file?

Thank you

Marios said...

Pass: The_Loner

Unknown said...

Thank you!

winston smith said...

marios can you please re up

Marios said...

winston smith, "Fading Yellow volumes 1-3 ", updated.... more soon...