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Monday, May 21, 2012

T. Swift And The Electric Bag - Are You Experienced? (1968 us, spooky acid psych folk rock, Gear Fab release)

No one besides the folks who made Are You Experienced? knew exactly who T. Swift, let alone his Electric Bag, was. You could lay down good money, however, that Are You Experienced? is a psychsploitation toss-off. The record smacks of a group of grizzled, thirty-something, Sunset Strip sessionmen trying their hand at the groovy pop sounds of the day, on the strict orders of label suits with chic sideburns looking to make a quick buck off the amusements of the hippies and flower children. 

As cynical as that sounds, it doesn't take a Herculean stretch of the brainpan to imagine a quick, beer-fueled recording session leading to the music that graces the album. Whoever the faux-longhairs who made it actually were, though, in the process of laying down a half-dozen truly innocuous facsimiles of the way-out '60s sounds -- "A Jet" is a straight cop of the Box Tops' "The Letter," "Take It Easy Baby" literally is Classics IV's "Spooky" -- they somehow managed to stumble on a handful of startlingly inspired moments. "Free Form in 6," in particular, is a jolting freakout (think Chocolate Watchband by way of the Doors) that taps into some sort of zoned-out consciousness through its lulling jazz rhythms, fuzz bass, and ominous organ runs. 

Slightly less sublime but still outstanding are cuts like the surf go-go "The Stinger" and "Expo in Sound," while "What's Your Bag?" has a spooky acid-washed guitar solo amid its slick, sub-Byrdsian raga noodling. And there is something goose-pimple creepy about the lurching, minimalistic, otherworldly version of the Jimi Hendrix title track that belies its origin. Even the most contrived cuts on the album -- most in pale Booker T. mold -- are wonderful in the way that only the most disposable, plastic muzak of the '60s seems to be. The songs aren't suitable for more than a couple close listens, but they might be precisely the background soundtrack required for -- well, that can be left to the imagination. 
by Stanton Swihart

With the release of  T Swift & The Electric Bag’s “Are You Experienced” album Jerry and crew must have really started to come on to the Orange Sunshine. On tracks such as ‘Expo In Sound’ and ‘Free Form In 6’ Jerry waved his freak flag higher than most. ‘Kimeaa’ is a classic in its own right, as is Jerry’s 12-string workout on ‘What’s Your Bag?’, and even the cover version of ‘Are You Experienced’ is fun to listen to. 

1. Are You Experienced? - 4:37
2. As I Grow Into A Man - 2:46
3. Red Eyes - 2:56
4. A Jet - 2:28
5. Take It Easy Baby - 3:05
6. What's Your Bag? - 2:09
7. Free Form in 6 - 2:07
8. The Stinger - 2:36
9. The Strut - 2:25
10.Expo In Sound - 4:34

*Jerry Cole - Guitars

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  1. Thanks Marios, I love stuff like this. Perhaps not a masterpiece but enjoyable and never underestimate the session guys...

  2. I haven't been able to double-check it, but this is a project of Jerry Cole [of Jerry Cole & The Spacemen - an early 60's surf outfit]. Thanks very much...

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