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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Warm Dust - Warm Dust (1972 uk, progressive jazz rock, brilliant 3rd album, digipack remastered edition)

Imagine a mixture between Caravan and early Chicago (around 1970) and you get an idea of their music. When they go into longer tracks, they develop an excellent, dense music dominated by flute and saxes, the great organ by Paul Carak and the deep and strong vocals by Dansfield Walker.

1. Lead Me To The Light - 5:22
2. Long Road - 4:50
3. Mister Media - 3:10
4. Hole In The Future - 8:40
5. A Night On Bare Mountain - 1:06
6. The Blind Boy - 18:17
....Trouble in t mill - 5:20
....Clogs and Shawls - 3:20
....Blind Boy - 4:05
....Slibe - 5:05
....Dustbust - 1:06

Warm Dust
*Paul Carrack - Keyboards
*Les Walker - Vocals
*Terry "Tex" Comer - Bass
*Alan Solomon - Keyboards, Sax, Vocals
*John Surguy - Guitar, Saxophone, Vocals
*Dave Pepper - Drums

Warm Dust - And It Came To Pass 1970

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Hajul Ellah said...

got the two-fer but this one's a charmer. thanks Marios

mukahnlor said...

thanks,wanted this one,for long time in hq, you just make my day, one left to complete their discography,I really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

nice idea..thanks for sharing....

DanP said...

Nice!!! The only one I know of is "It Came to Pass". I didn't know there was more. Thanks Marios! :)

adamus67 said...

All albums of the British formations contain very eclectic, progressive, sophisticated music under the sign of King Crimson, Van Der Graaf Generator and East Of Eden.
The combination of brass rock and progressive ideas work well.
@Marios,I am happy to compare the sound of this edition
@Dan,take a look around for 2 albums on one disc
in 2001 issued by the Red Fox Records
Peace For Our Time / Warm Dust, 1971-1972
Peace of Our Time looks and sounds as an appropriate sequel to And It Came to Pass. The album is a collection of antiwar songs where saxophone is the main offensive weapon – it would be great if the saxophone was the only weapon left in this world. The album is crowned with the quite optimistic and remarkable finale “Lead Me to the Light” which reminded me some moments of Jethro Tull in their most bluesy mood. Babe_N_Co

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, that snippet sounds awesome. May I kindly ask for a re-up, please?

Anonymous said...

Oh sry, it seems the link does work. Just had a hard time making it work ;-)