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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tamam Shud - Goolutionites And The Real People (1970 aussie, revealing acid psychedelic rock, 2008 bonus tracks aztec remaster edition)

Australia has had a vibrant music scene for many years. The 60’s produced many great Aussie bands like the Wild Cherries, the Twilights, the Easybeats, the Loved Ones, Tully, and the Masters’ Apprentices, among others. Tamam Shud came out of the ashes of The Sunsets, who released several decent garage rock singles before their transformation.

The band’s name was taken from a Persian phrase meaning “the very end” which founder Lindsay Bjerre took from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. Tamam Shud began playing popular festivals and clubs in or around 1967/1968 and were one of Australia’s first genuine acid rock bands (although it’s important to note that Australia’s surf culture played an important influence). Their first album, Evolution, was released in 1969 and was hailed as Australia’s first original album.

Goolutionites and the Real People was a concept album which came the following year, 1970. At this point, they had added teenager Tim Gaze to their lineup. Gaze was much younger than his other bandmates but his contributions were astonishing. Instrumentally, Tamam Shud was the equal to any band in England or the United States. Goolutionites is highlighted by Gaze’s intense guitar playing with lightning fast leads and jazzy licks. It’s a heavy hard rock psych prog album that will appeal to listeners interested in guitar solos and atmospheric vocals.

Fans of early Ash Ra Temple, the Flower Travellin’ Band or even Live Dead 1970 will really dig cosmic rockers I Love You All and Heaven Is Closed. Heaven Is Closed begins with thumping drums and ragging guitar riffs, then mellows out to deliver the band’s lyrical apocalyptic visions. A Plague is also really good with great psychedelic riffs that form a tapestry, weaving in and out during the song’s two and a half minutes. The album closing Goolutionites Theme is awesome, a great space rock song with some incredible guitar solos.

At the time of it’s release Goolutionites was considered a major breakthru, an Oz classic and one of Australia’s finest contributions to rock music. When Tamam Shud disbanded a few of its members went on to form Khavas Jute, who released another great acid rock album in 1971.
by Jason Nardelli

1. The Goolutionites (and the Real People) - 1:04
2. They’ll take You Down on the Lot - 3:37
3. I Love You All - 3:43
4. Heaven is Closed - 9:07
5. A Plague - 5:11
6. Stand in the Sunlight - 2:41
7. Take a Walk on a Foggy Morn - 2:18
8. Goolutionites Theme Part 1 - 3:19
9. Goolutionites Theme Part 2 - 3:54
10. I Got a Feeling (Single, January 1972) - 2:36
11. My Father Told Me (Single, January 1972) - 2:40
12. First Things First (Morning of the Earth soundtrack) - 4:06
13. Bali Waters (Morning of the Earth soundtrack) - 6:16
14. Sea the Swells (Morning of the Earth soundtrack) - 6:15
15. Midday ‘Til Four (Live at the Regent Theatre, South Yarra, December 1971) - 4:30
16. Bali Waters (Live at the Regent Theatre, South Yarra, December 1971) - 6:35
17. Being Absolutely Free (Live at the Regent Theatre, South Yarra, December 1971) - 5:00
18.Bow Wow (Live at the Regent Theatre, South Yarra, December 1971) - 3:20

Tamam Shud
*Peter Barron - Bass Guitar
*Lindsay Bjerre - Vocals, Guitar
*Dannie Davidson - Drums
*Tim Gaze - Vocals, Guitar
*Nigel Macara - Drums
*Larry Duryrea aka Larry Taylor - Percussion
*Richard Lockwood - Woodwind

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