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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Various Artists - Survival Of The Fittest (1981-89 Aussie garage surf rock, Ryko disc issue)

Another fine example of Australian's underground scene. The secod half (mostly) of the '80's covered here with some very known and other lesser known bands and artists, such as The Hitmen, The Sreaming Triebsmen, Damien Lovelock (from Celibate Rifles), Klondike (aka Chris Masuak -former member of Radio Bridman-). A musical puzzle with rough and jagged garage surf beat sounds, through neo psychedelia and funky vibes. The compilation was released by Ryko disc in 1990.

Tracks - Aritists
1.Left in the Dark - Screaming Tribesmen - 3:34
2.Story of My Life - Voodoo Lust - 3:08
3.Harper's Bazaar - Lovelock - 3:15
4.Cyclone Sally - Tall Tales & True - 5:00
5.Oh No - Hitmen - 2:52
6.Lost Cause - Cosmic Psychos - 3:34
7.Hung Up - Blood - 3:42
8.Pizmo Beach - Psychotic Turnbuckles - 1:56
9.Gossip - Voodoo Lust - 2:53
10.You Won't Understand - Klondike - 3:37
11.Virginia - Faith - 4:26
12.Ghostown - Lovelock - 3:28
13.Mess With You - Screaming Tribesmen - 4:20
14.I Don't Mind - Hitmen - 2:46
15.Hit - Ya Ya Choral - 2:32
16.Jezebel - Voodoo Lust - 3:05
17.Cool It - Psychotic Turnbuckles - 2:06
18.Casualty of Love - Screaming Tribesmen - 3:41
19.Tell Tale Heart - Hitmen - 3:37
20.7 + 7 Is - Tall Tales & True - 2:03
21.Small Town Refugee - Klondike - 3:12
22.Stardom Ain't Easy - Teen - 3:07

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